Sometimes you run across a Shell station with a big convenience store selling even groceries and retail products including flashlights, DVDs, radios, beach gear. But I've always used the Shell cards for gas. The real bonus is when you find a Shell station that also is a Fuel Rewards Network gas station and you also get the discount with the FRN card.

The FRN discounts don't come all the time, but typically it's 20-cents a gallon. My biggest was a $2/gallon discount the first time I used the card because of the sign-up promotion and some other bonus plus my play at Caesars. Unfortunately that was $2/gallon for one fill-up only.

On the subject of the GGWU. I still haven't received some of the gas cards that were going to be mailed to me because they ran out of the physical cards at the GGWU event at Paris. I did get a shipping notification on Friday for these last cards.

But there is another problem. I also ordered two sets of dinnerware (dinner plates, salad plates, cups, bowls) -- but still no shipping notification. Called about a week ago and the vendor still hasn't shipped and there is NO target date when the dinnerware sets will be available. This might be one of those exceptions when the stuff does not arrive in time for Christmas. It wasn't going to be a gift -- we got it with the intention of having new dinnerware in our new place. We did order other kitchen stuff -- tableware, Keurig coffee maker, handbag, luggage, etc. which did ship promptly. And most of the gas cards and Starbucks cards they had for us to pick up at the Paris event.