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Thread: Rincon Cuts Video Poker Pay Tables Again

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    No... it was because of my $1000 25-cent royal on $120 of free play!! I DID IT. I DID IT.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Dan, really? You have one "decent" trip at Rincon and you think you forced them to change the paytables?

    I thought that my 6 royals (which was a lot, considering the # of hands I played) triggered some kind of review, and in the process they decided that the paytable of that machine was too high.

    However, as they are removing ALL full pay VP from Rincon, it looks like the timing was just a coincidence.

    Trip was actually more than decent. I won 11k, thanks to the royals.
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    Alan, you said that they degraded pay tables once before and it got reversed after a player revolt.

    How did that go down? Did several players organize, refuse to go back there, and tell their hosts why?

    I have to imagine a similar backlash is going to occur again.
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    Dan the reversal came within two days that I put the news on my main website. I was told by employees and managers that my report triggered an uproar. Would a player revolt work this time? I have my doubts. Three years ago Rincon was smaller and video poker play was more significant than it is now. Management just might not care if we revolt now.

    In the meantime I posted a link to this thread on my Facebook page and on Twitter and I encourage others to do it also.

    Next could be 6/5. And I don't say that in jest because I recently found out that Caesars Palace in Vegas added Aces and Faces with a 6/5 paytable.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    If they are still 8/5 I will continue to go to Rincon... but not as often as if the $1 games were still around.
    Just got home from Rincon. The $5 Aces and Faces are still 8/5.

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