My offers for April are now in, and it's definitely not worth my while to make the 2 hour drive to Rincon.

My weekly free play is $60. On Friday I qualify for the mystery free play or Reward Credits called the "Scramble" but the minimum I could get is $60 of free play and about that much in Reward Credits.

If I go on a Friday and combine the Scramble with the Free Play I might get $120 of free play and that's just not worth it.

Even if I decided to take in a free buffet with my 7 Stars Card it's still not worth it.

Even if I decided to have a meal with my $60 of food credits each week it's still not worth it.

And the real insult added to the injury is that even if I did want to make the trip I wouldn't find 8/5 Aces and Faces or 8/5 Bonus and that would hurt my chances of turning $120 of free play into about $100 of real money which would make the trip borderline worthwhile.

I did not get any bounce back offer for April and I didn't play enough in February to get anything worthwhile in bounce back.

So... you won't see me at Rincon in April. Except if I decide to go down and convert $60 of Reward Credits into an extra $48 of free play for a whopping total of $168 of free play.