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Thread: Another change at Rincon

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    7 Stars players (and I think Diamond players too) were able to use their ATM cards at the casino cage to get cash without any fees. On April 1st that policy changed. Now when you go to the cage, they process your ATM card (or credit card) as a cash advance and charge you a fee. They rebate the fee in either free play chips or a free play slot ticket.

    I rarely carry cash, so I was surprised this happened. I knew that it has been the procedure in Vegas for about the last six months, but this is new at Rincon.

    To get $500 cash using my ATM card at the cage the fee is $29.95 and you get $30 in free play.

    If you use an ATM, Rincon has a $4 fee per transaction, plus you might incur a "foreign ATM bank fee" from your bank. In my case, Bank of America charges $2.50 per transaction.

    So now you have to decide what to do:

    Do you use the ATM and pay the fees, or go to the cage and pay higher fees but get a rebate on the fees in free play?

    What do you do?

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    Looks like Rincon is introducing a lot of customer-hostile policies in the casino.

    They get more 7 Stars there than any CET property besides Caesars Las Vegas.

    I wonder if that's going to change soon.
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    Dan, I scored enough tier points on Friday that along with my 25,000 point bonus that I should be getting on April 15, I will have reached 7 Stars again. From now on, I will be using free play only to play 25-cent VP. And I will play only the free play. There is no longer an incentive to play and add on points.

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    Or, you walk over to the 7-Eleven/Shell and use the ATM in the convenience store, which is free to Citibank and Allpoint card holders. Sometimes it's good to get a little bit of fresh air.

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    The AC market has been rebating cash advance fees with free play for 7* and Diamond 80K for years now. It's actually a small advantage play, as the free play amount is rounded up to the nearest $5 (e.g. $60.95 debit/credit card cash advance fees gets $65 in free play coupons).

    I guess because no 7* members want to be seen with those pathetic white $1 free play coupons.

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    Originally Posted by nerakil View Post
    I guess because no 7* members want to be seen with those pathetic white $1 free play coupons.
    I've never seen a $1 free play coupon or ticket. At Caesars and Rincon and even at the Great Gift Wrap Up the minimum ticket was always $5.

    I think it's interesting that you said the free play is rounded up. Actually, that is worth something-- but only a maximum of just under five-dollars. The one thing I reject about "advantage play" is the nickel-and-dime accounting that is involved. Show me an "advantage play" that is worth hundreds of dollars and you have a new convert.

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    There is a new requirement in effect for cash advance fees (debit and credit cards) to be reimbursed via free play. You must have earned >200,000 tier in either 2014 or 2015. The supervisor at the cage will check your tier score to make sure you qualify

    The old policy was set at 80K tier, as part one of the Diamond Aspirations tier 3 benefits.

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    Thanks for posting the new rule, nerakil. That means a lot of "low level 7 Stars" are going to be angry. It's bad enough that the free transactions are gone, but now they are doing away with the rebate. Bad news.

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    As of April 1 Vegas does not reimburse fees. I had to have my host reverse the fees with free play after the fact.

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    Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    As of April 1 Vegas does not reimburse fees. I had to have my host reverse the fees with free play after the fact.
    Do you mean no free play reimbursement at all including for those with high 7 Stars tier points?

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    I have 500k points this year and the cage at Caesars said no exceptions.

    Later I asked my host, as I didn't bring my bank roll with me, about the charges and he was able to reimburse with free play on a comp ticket.

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    Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    I have 500k points this year
    Gee, Aaron, do you think you'll make 7 Stars again?

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    I had a big hit early in the year and my play was higher. I have been slowing down with CET the past month.

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