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Thread: Quick TR 4/9/15

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    I had an unexpected day off, so I went to Rincon last Thursday for a quick video poker trip. The progressive on the bank of $.25 8/5 DDB machines was over $1600, and there were lots of people taking shots at it. The next day the counter was reset. A slot attendant told me that someone hit it about 10 minutes after I left the night before.

    It was a good trip. I hit about ten four-of-a-kinds on the quarter machines, then went up to $1 for awhile in the morning and hit four 2's with a kicker for $800, which is big for me.

    If all DDB games at my level are 8/5, then it seems to make sense to always play the progressive machines. Does that sound right? They seem to have lowered the one 9/5 machine that I knew of.

    Stayed in the North Tower. The built-in USB ports in the rooms are a nice touch.

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    Thanks for posting. The progressive on the $1 video poker game isn't too shabby either. I don't recall it ever being that high.

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