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Thread: Rincon fixes its driveway

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    Rincon has fixed its drive to the garages. What was a tight turn now has a second large lane big enough so that buses will no longer block traffic. This was a flaw in the original road design and I'm glad they finally fixed it.

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    Yea, I hated that turn if there was a vehicle coming out. It was very tight. There was no room for error.

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    Now the next thing they need to do with that lot is create some kind of enforcement for the Diamond/Seven Stars parking floor.

    Otherwise the "exclusivity" of those spots is meaningless, and literally everyone can park there.

    I would love to see CET casinos making priority Seven Stars spots where you need some kind of permit (which you get as a Seven Stars member) to park there.

    Not everyone loves valet parking.
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    I have never taken a "Seven Stars" spot in the garage. Frankly, I park in a spot as soon as I pull into the garage, and then walk to the stairs. I never take the elevator either. I don't mind the steps. Even in shopping mall parking lots I park a distance from the doors to get some extra steps.

    Yes, when they have special events I sometimes have to park on the roof -- and sometimes in the large overflow lot. I don't care. The extra steps are good for me.

    But I do use the valet at Caesars in Vegas because I have luggage and the valet is right near the tower and check-in.

    At Rincon any parking place is okay for me.

    I'd rather they spent money on free-play than on enforcing Seven Stars parking.

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