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Thread: Total Rewards email offer: 10,000 tier points

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    Just got an email from Caesars Total Rewards: a 10,000 tier point bonus because I gave them my email address.

    The 10,000 tier point bonus will be added to my account July 15.

    They call it a Loyalty Bonus.

    I think they want to get away from the US Mail and do everything via email... which is smart.

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    VMB posts are indicating that people received anywhere between 100-10000. There doesn't seem to be a lot of correlation between how many tier credits you have and what was received.

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    Got my 10,000 tc today too.

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    I qualified as Diamond with bonus tiers on Apr 15. I get another 1000 tiers in Jul that doesn't do anything for me. I don't plan on going for Diamond II or Seven Stars. I would rather have reward points.

    My daughter received 500 points as a Platinum, but she hasn't played alot this year yet, but she only needs another 1300 to reach Platinum for next year. With this 500 she only needs another 800. That's all she wants. In Vegas is enough for a line pass with Diamonds. But its worthless at Rincon.

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    lpang you're right. Giving away tier points that don't get you to a higher level automatically are worthless and only act as an incentive to make you want to gamble more.

    TR is not in the business of giving stuff away. TR was designed to lure us in to play more. This is just another example of how they do that.

    But there may be some players who get a bonus that does put them into a higher tier and good for them. For the the extra tier points are worthless. I just made 7 Stars thanks to the 25,000 winter bonus and I am just above 150,000. You will not find me "playing" to reach 250,000.

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    I was at 3,800 for the year and not likely to make diamond so the 500 tc's was nice as I will almost certainly make platinum again next year with only a little play. There ought to be a high roller somewhere who would help people make diamond. I would pay someone at least $100 to put 2500 points on my card in one day which would get me close to diamond with a 5000 tc bonus.

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    bigfoot66 I already promised to make someone else 7 Stars this year since there is no reason for me to earn any more tier points... otherwise I'd help you out.

    I wonder if we can organize a pool to swap cards, free play offers, etc. to help people with various needs?

    (Hey you guys at Rincon, I was just daydreaming. Don't take me seriously.)

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    FYI Alan, I wouldn't talk about card-swapping in public, as technically that could be considered illegal, and at the very least could get you kicked out of TR.

    Anyway, yes, I got the TR e-mail also. I was given 10,000 points.

    My wife, who has not played in almost a year, and is a Platinum only because she got the TR credit card in 2014, received 500 points.

    To me this looks mostly a function of your current tier level. They don't give gold/platinum people 10,000, or otherwise it gets them too close to diamond without having to play much. And they don't give Seven Stars 500, or otherwise it's virtually meaningless.

    Basically it looks like they are giving people a small "boost" to encourage them to return to the casino and "finish off" earning their next level up.

    These 10,000 aren't going to do much for me. That brings me to 185,000. I'm still 65,000 away from the first experience credit, which is worth (at most) $500. And running 65,000 tiers isn't worth $500 to me (it's more), so I'd have to get closer to 250,000 to feel like I should play to get to that point.

    After all, they gave $500 for just 50,000 tiers last year, and I felt that was still an underpayment compared to earning Seven Stars at 150k. Here I'm still 65,000 away. If they get me to within 30,000, then I'll consider it.
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    Dan, I am not the least bit worried that I am going to be kicked out of TR. And if they do -- I will just have to find another casino company to take my money.

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    The "Loyalty Bonus" terms and conditions indicate the following:

    is based on
    Tier Status
    at the time the Offer is accepted
    Seven Stars
    receive 10,000 Tier Credits
    Diamond members receiv
    e 1,000 Tier Credits
    Platinum members receive 500 Tier Credits
    Gold members receive 100 Tier Credits

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    Thank you LuckyLisa. That takes the guesswork out of it. It also means that for some players who are near the tipping point for the next tier level might be helped by this. Had I known that this bonus was coming around, I could have skipped the last two trips I made to Rincon.

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