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Thread: Fuel Rewards Network update

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    The Fuel Rewards Network still gives discounts for play at the Total Rewards casinos. We're not talking "big money" here, but the discounts are real. Of course a problem is finding a Shell gas station that is part of the Fuel Rewards Network.

    Here in the LA area where I live there are only two Shell stations that I know of that accept FRN.

    I filled up at one of them yesterday and saved 60-cents per gallon.

    Maximum is 20 gallons but my car "topped off" at about 16 gallons -- and I was just about bone dry when I pulled in. Normally I don't let my car drop so low, but I knew this gas station was nearby.

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    I hate that these expire so quickly.

    I earned some Fuel Rewards in the final days of February, and they were all gone by April 1.

    I tried to use them on like April 5 and couldn't.

    Really annoying.
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