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    Alan what happened to 3116. I asked an attendant Sunday night. He said he'd find out and get back to me he never did

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    It is still there, as of this past Sunday. I used my free play on it. Aces and Faces is 7/5.

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    Did you actually look at the number? It was a 4 digit that started with a 4.

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    No, I didn't look at the numbers. But it was a Game King with the same games that I play which are Aces and Faces and Royal Aces Bonus. I didn't look at the other games. The Game King model looked like the same. Is it possible they renumbered the machines?

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    Did they change out the last two 8/5 Aces and Faces?
    There was one about 20' east of #3116 against the wall,
    and one in non-smoking, just past the Poker room.

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    By the poker room, in the no smoking area, I played 8/5 Bonus. I think there were 8/5 Aces and Faces on another machine in the row I was on, but the machines were in use so I couldn't see what the games were. The $5 Aces and Faces games are still on the Game King machines in the high limit room in the row with the $5 progressives. The Game King in the high limit room with Super Aces Bonus has 7/5 Aces and Faces and the SAB game pay table was reduced also.

    Folks if you want full pay video poker go to Pechanga or Pala. The tradeoff is no "points" for Total Rewards or Vegas.

    By the way, Pauma, the little casino near Rincon, has 9/6 Jacks or Better but the top denomination I saw was $1. Pauma has just started to have entertainment. Little River Band is going to be there. And they are starting to have some big prize promotions. Again, it's a stand-alone casino so play there won't help you in Vegas.

    Personally, I can't see myself playing at Pala or Pechanga or Pauma because I just done have to play for the sake of playing. When I play at Rincon there is the side benefit of the Vegas trips and benefits. But as the Vegas benefits get cut, even play at Rincon becomes less attractive.

    I might go back to playing those $40 poker tournaments at The Bike. It's a good way to spend three to six hours and I have a good history of making the final table and I even won one for about a thousand bucks.

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    3116 is gone not sure if they just changed the number or not. 5$ progressive is at 38k as of now

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    Alan, I am a little perplexed about something.

    Perhaps you can explain a little bit further.

    You are correctly stating that other casinos near the Rincon have far better pay tables (including Pauma, which is VERY close).

    However, you noted that you don't play at those places because you enjoy the fact that your play at Rincon earns you benefits for CET's Vegas properties.

    On the surface, that's a valid line of reasoning. As you know, I also played at Rincon earlier this year for the exact same reason.

    However, you and I are different in that I go out of my way to extract the maximum value out of the benefits I earn, while you often leave many of them on the table. For example, you don't take the Seven Stars cruise (due to sea sickness on large ships), you don't take the annual trip (because of lack of desire to do so), and you only use the free room benefit when you stay at Caesars. Yes, I know you get things at Caesars such as invites to special shows, but you also seem to play enough at Caesars to earn all of this without your Rincon play. (I can also tell you that my offers in Vegas are never connected to my Rincon play.)

    You have also earned Seven Stars already for 2015, correct?

    So once you've earned Seven Stars, why continue playing the inferior games at Rincon? For the pathetic 0.1% value in RCs? Doesn't seem worth it to me, especially since you never stay overnight at Rincon.
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    Dan don't tell anyone this: After I loaded my free play I played on someone else's card. Mums the word. The winnings went in my pocket and they got the points. Shhhh. Don't tell.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Dan don't tell anyone this: After I loaded my free play I played on someone else's card. Mums the word. The winnings went in my pocket and they got the points. Shhhh. Don't tell.
    Hollllly Shiiiiit! I just called the FreePlay Police!

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