Here's what's on today's Best Buys TV Show at 5:30pm on KCAL Channel 9 in Los Angeles and where you can find more information on our main website . We have reports that will get you ready for the prime home buying season, and some ideas for Father's Day shopping, as well as where you can get some help with your home improvement ideas.

Realtor Nicole Stinson is on our "Real Estate / Nicole Stinson Group" page.
Georgy's & Mami's Finds is on our "Antiques" page.
Laptop Xchange in Montclair is on our "Computers" page.
Dentistry @ Its Finest in Costa Mesa is on our "Dentist / Orange County" page.
Attorney Martha Jo Patterson is on our "Lawyer / Elder Law Mom" page.
A-1 Carpet Market in Torrance is on our "Carpet / A-1 Torrance" page.
L&T Japanese Automotive is on our "Auto Repair / Tires / Maintenance" page.
L.A. Suit Outlet is on our "Clothing / Men and Suits" page.
Dreier's Nursing Care Center is on our "Nursing Home / Nursing Care" page.
Granada Furniture is on our "Furniture / Simi Valley" page.
Northridge Gold Mine is on our "Gold and Diamonds" page.
Bedder Mattress is on our "Beds and Mattresses / Bedder Mattress" page.
Just Like The Model is on our "Furniture / Orange County" page.
Top Wood Shutters and Windows is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
NTMA Training Centers is on our "Employment / Jobs / Job Training / NTMA" page.
The Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth is on our "Home Improvement / Appliances" page.
The outlet at Pottery Manufacturing in Gardena is on our "Pottery" page.
3 Day Flooring & Kitchens & Baths is on our "Home Improvement / Kitchen" page.
Brutus & Butch Haircare is on our "Beauty / Hair / Brutus & Butch" page.
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