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Thread: Harrah's New Orleans never generated offers for me, despite good record of play there

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    This is odd.

    I fully understand that Total Rewards properties are separate, so you are likely to get offers at the properties where you give action, while little-to-nothing at places you don't play.

    But this is just weird.

    I have been to Harrah's NO twice.

    In December 2013, I was there for 1 night, and then 3 more nights the following week. I earned 2,500 tier credits (plus 5000 bonus) at 9-6 JoB the first night, and lost $25. I did not play at all during those following 3 nights. It should be noted that I went there for my Seven Stars Annual Trip, so I got $500 in RCs in lieu of the food credit, which is what they do over there.

    This generated some moderate offers for me, such as some $100-type freeplay and a few restricted plane ticket offers, none of which I redeemed.

    I returned there in January 2015, and stayed again as my Seven Stars Annual Trip. I was there for 3 nights, but earned a whopping 12,500 base tier credits (plus 25,000 bonus) during my relatively short time there. I played "Not So Ugly Deuces" VP, and lost about $1800.

    I got a call from a host shortly after returning, who encouraged me to come back.

    Now here's the weird part. 3 1/2 months later, I have received zero offers from them.

    This is really odd. I ran $125,000 coin-in in just 3 nights. Even during my 2013 stay, I ran $25,000 coin-in over 4 nights, which while not spectacular, wasn't bad. But even then I got offers. This time I got zero.

    Is is possible that Harrah's NO is refusing offers for those who play full pay VP?

    On a perhaps related note, I did not get any offers yet for Tahoe, where I ran 15,000 base tiers (plus 30,000 bonus) in mid-late March. But it's been less than 2 months, so that's more understandable. I believe that someone here mentioned that Tahoe doesn't give you offers anymore for full-pay VP, so perhaps I won't be seeing any there, either.

    This may also be related to my overall "overcomped" status, but as your recent play tends to trump your overall history, I am surprised that the CET system wasn't more excited about my heavy play at the beginning in 2015. The only place giving me offers right now is Rincon, and even those are mediocre.
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    I'm not sure that this is anything out of the ordinary. First, it takes the system about three to six months to generate offers based on previous play. Second, you may have been "coded" as a player who is unlikely to return because you are not in their geographic region.

    Do you still have the name of the host? I would suggest calling and expressing your interest in coming back and ask what offers might be available?
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    As I have mentioned before, we go to NOLA quite a bit, averaging once a month. A while back they announced that they were cutting comps. For instance, before the cuts we were always good for evening meals at Ruth's Chris Steak House or Besh's. This was eliminated and we now have to use our reward credits first, regardless of the amount of play (we always get at least 2000 tier points a day). At the same time, however, our free play has at Cherokee has gone up to usually $1200 -- $1500 per weekend. And until these changes were made we were going to New Orleans and Tunica a good bit more than to Cherokee. This has changed now. I thoroughly enjoy playing off the free play and we have come home a bit richer each of the last three trips. Will be heading up there again this coming weekend. Oh yes, last weekend we made a non-CET trip to Seneca Niagara Falls. It was a nice casino and the falls were great.

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    I don't like to ask personal questions but I feel I have to ask Carolinajacket this to be sure readers understand free play and how it works:

    How much play (coin in or tier points) do you do to get $1500 of free play in a weekend? What games do you play?

    To be honest I can put on 10,000 or more tier points at Caesars and my free play offer is $400.
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    Now, remember, I am not getting these offers from New Orleans or Tunica -- my Vegas offers are usually in the range you seem to be getting. Anyway, I may piddle a little free time with Texas Hold'Em, but most of my time is on the lowly slots. I shoot for 2,500 per day (that's when I might switch to something else). I'm not sure why Cherokee has become so generous, because as I wrote last time, we had cut way back on our visits there, until the free play picked up so generously.

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    Carolina, please keep me posted on your Cherokee experiences. I'm currently west coast, but will get back there in August and will put in some time if it's a worthwhile thing to do in terms of offers.

    I really like the theater venue at Cherokee. It reminds me of the old Caesars Palace theater back in the 80's. The acts are priced more reasonably than at Pechanga or other California casinos.

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    Carolina if you are getting 2500 tier points on slots (coin in of $12,500) and getting up to $1500 free play, your "free play return" is better than ten percent. So which casino boss is cheating on his wife and how did you find out?
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    But that is for two or three nights play and when they fly us to New Orleans they usually want four nights. The $1500 was high and I fear they are coming down. This weekend, for instance, is only slightly over $1000. We shall see what is down the road. As far as the concerts are concerned, I have never been to one but my wife goes and says its real neat because before the actually concert Seven Star members get to go to a little party with drinks and food. Redietz, I will keep you informed of any good or bad changes that may take place.

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    Carolina I get $400 for a weekend at Caesars. You not only know who is having an affair but you also know where the bodies are buried.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    It must have to do with what carolinajacket is playing. Those slots must have a high theoretical hold for the casino.

    I ran 12,500 base tier credits in 3 days and have received zero offers in the past 3 1/2 months since I went home. I know Alan says it takes longer, but typically I start seeing things after 2 months.
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    Dan I'm sticking with my belief that Carolina knows which casino boss is cheating on his wife. There's no way, even on high house edge slots, that Carolina is getting that much free play on that level of coin-in. Good for you Carolina. Milk 'em for more until the woman dumps the boss.

    Dan I still suggest you call that host.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Actually, I don't have a host at Cherokee. I use my junket host for everything and she is incredible, but I don't think she has anything to do with how much free play I get. She is just as puzzled as I am.

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    Carolina there are many factors that go into free play awards. Were you a much bigger player before? Are you having bigger losses than you realize? Are you playing more than you realize? Are you lucky and your account was coded incorrectly?

    My account at Caesars was coded incorrectly. Because last year they had me playing $100 at roulette on a weekend I wasn't there.

    Maybe you've been coded for someone else's play just as I am now stuck with the $100 roulette play of someone else.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I think your last option may be the key. Like I said, it is down a bit this month, so we will see if that becomes a trend. But I am a bit up so far this year so big loses is not the answer.

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    By the way I still can't get that "trip" with one 15 minute session of roulette with a $100 buy in removed. My host said that entry in my record cut my offers by 50%

    Carolina one big error in your favor could keep your offers high.

    But be honest: who's having the affair?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    There's nothing wrong with a little information brokeraging --

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    OK, I will head up to Cherokee Friday and "nose around" and find out who it is. For now, the worst thing I know about it is that a guy jumped off the top floor to his death. He and an employee had worked out a system where they were bilking the casino out of big bucks. When he heard that the cops were coming to arrest them he took his own life instead of facing the consequences.

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    As a precaution, have you checked your TR account number online to see if any offers show up there? I used to check that to compare what I received in the mail and what Caesars actually wanted to send me. If the freeplay offers online don't match up with the mailers, there's a good chance some offers were lost in the postal mail. It's happened to me before!

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    Carolina... you're joking???

    Count Room that is an excellent tip about checking your online offers. Because Dan might have been put in the group of "online notifications only" and he wouldn't get any in the mail. I know that's what some of the casinos are pushing for -- online only to save on printing and postage.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I ALWAYS compare the two. And Alan is right. There is a movement to go to online only. Got to get every little bit possible. And I ain't kidding.

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