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Thread: Harrah's New Orleans never generated offers for me, despite good record of play there

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    Carolina if you weren't kidding, now I know what happened. The free play went into your account and not the mob's account and there was no way out.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Originally Posted by carolinajacket View Post
    I ALWAYS compare the two. And Alan is right. There is a movement to go to online only. Got to get every little bit possible. And I ain't kidding.
    I agree there has been a large "go green" movement with the casinos pushing for online-only offers. From what the casinos say, it appears they are concerned about the environment and saving trees. Surely there must not be a more self-centered motive here? An affirmative answer to this question would lace my pure heart with too much cynicism. I thought the casinos are our friends that care about the environment we breathe and live in?!?!?!?

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    I always suspected that the reason the Caesars casinos collected and recycled bottles and cans was because they wanted the 2-cent per container rebate.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Originally Posted by Count Room View Post

    As a precaution, have you checked your TR account number online to see if any offers show up there? I used to check that to compare what I received in the mail and what Caesars actually wanted to send me. If the freeplay offers online don't match up with the mailers, there's a good chance some offers were lost in the postal mail. It's happened to me before!
    I'm talking about online. Nothing from Harrah's NO.

    I did just get some laughable Tahoe offers for $85 freeplay and $40 food credit. No thanks.
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    Harrah's NO just went through a downgrade this past weekend on the 3/5/10 play. I think they've increased their theoretical loss value to compensate for it.

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    For those curious about the downgrade, read this thread:
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