Hi. This Saturday at 5:30-PM on KCAL Channel 9, I am pleased to present several new reports on my Best Buys TV Show.

One of the new reports will be of high interest now -- during the peak home buying season. I introduce you to Executive Finance -- a mortgage company with some new and different mortgage plans that will help many self-employed consumers buy a home. There are also plans to help families keep their homes if they have trouble with their current mortgage or face foreclosure.

I also introduce you to StorageContainer.com which provides storage containers that are delivered to your home and can be picked up and moved to their storage facility -- or keep the storage container on your own property. They promise to beat all competitor's prices.

The Leventhal Law Group is on our show. Jonathan Leventhal will help you deal with the legal issues you don't want to think about including what will happen to your children and your property when you die.

Here's the list of reports on this Saturday's show and where to find the reports on www.AlanBestBuys.com:

Executive Finance is on our "Mortgage / Executive Finance" page.
Amigo's Flooring is on our "Flooring / New" page.
StorageContainer.com is on our "Storage / Containers" page.
Laptop Xchange in Montclair is on our "Computers" page.
L.A. Checker Cab is on our "Taxi Service" page.
Leventhal Law Group is on our "Lawyer / Leventhal Law Group" page.
L.A. Suit Outlet is on our "Clothing / Men and Suits" page.
A-1 Carpet Market in Torrance is on our "Carpet / A-1 Torrance" Page.
Bedder Mattress is on our "Beds and Mattresses / Bedder Mattress" page.
Just Like The Model is on our "Furniture / Orange County" page.
Top Wood Shutters and Windows is on our "Home Improvement / Shutters, Blinds" page.
NTMA Training Centers is on our "Employment / Jobs / Job Training / NTMA" page.
The Appliance Outlet in Chatsworth is on our "Home Improvement / Appliances" page.
The outlet at Pottery Manufacturing in Gardena is on our "Pottery" page.
3 Day Flooring & Kitchens & Baths is on our "Home Improvement / Kitchen" page.

Remember: Saturday, 5:30-PM on KCAL9.

Thanks for watching and good shopping!