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Thread: Violence in Waco, Texas

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    When I was in the news business, it seemed like we were always reporting on violence and big crimes in Waco, Texas. And now another big crime event in Waco. Why Waco?

    I checked some of the statistics for crime in Waco and it appears that from 2000 to 2012 Waco's crime rates exceeded national crime rates for just about every year.

    Consider this:

    The murder rate was higher in Waco in all years but two.

    There are more rapes per 100,000 population in Waco in every year.

    The robbery rate in Waco was higher in every year.

    The rate of assaults in Waco was higher in every year.

    Burglaries? Yep, in Waco the burglary rate was higher in every year, and in some years it was more than double the burglary rate nationwide.

    Thefts? Waco has a higher rate every year.

    Auto thefts? Well, that's where the statistics don't tell the same story. The auto theft rate in Waco was higher than the nation's rate from 2000 to 2005 but starting in 2006 the auto theft rate was higher for the nation. Why? Maybe there were no more cars left to steal in Waco?

    And for overall crime, Waco gets the title for every year from 2000 to 2012.

    The website which has the crime statistics for Waco also points out that "The ratio of number of residents in Waco to the number of sex offenders is 269 to 1."

    Read more:

    So, what's with Waco?

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    If you don't mind, I will send this along to my sociologist friends and let them chew on it for a few days and see if anybody has any ideas.

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    Well, with the state leading the nation in capital punishment, I'm sure the crime rates will drop significantly. At least, that's what it's proponents say.

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    Interesting the precision that was used. No bystanders injured.

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