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Thread: More Seven Stars Experiences added

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    Email this morning from Total Rewards lists additional Seven Stars Experiences but I am afraid none is either appealing or worthy of the additional play.

    For one credit there is a cooking and tasting experience at Nobu at Caesars Palace. Does that mean you sit at the sushi bar?

    Another "experience" for one credit is a private High Roller cabin and you can bring about two dozen of your friends. Heck, 7 Stars get the High Roller free now without having to use up an Experience Credit.
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    Good luck to all who get their 150,000. I'm not planning on going for it.

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    If you earned the 150,000 earlier in the year, you got 35,000 bonus (25,000+10,000), so you're at 185,000 TC.

    You need another 65,000 to get to the first experience credit, which still isn't really worth it, but isn't horrible.

    But the next experience credit comes at 500,000 (meaning another 250,000), and that's a complete joke.

    Total law of diminishing returns. I wonder what TR is thinking. Do they really think people are too stupid to realize this?

    Also, I agree with Alan that these new "experiences" are ridiculous. The "private cabin" for the High Roller isn't worth anywhere near $500, even if you want to put the value at each ticket of its full retail price. Each ticket is $37 at night. You already get two for free as a Seven Stars, using your monthly ticket benefit. 10 more tickets is worth $370.

    And besides, who typically travels to Vegas with 10 friends?
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    The only reason you might want to "cash in" the High Roller private cabin is if you wanted to get married on the High Roller. Yes, you could have your 20+ friends there plus the officiant. I don't know if there has been a wedding yet on the High Roller but a certain someone who made Vegas history by getting married at a craps table complete with a Rabbi and breaking the glass says it might not be a bad venue with dinner following.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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