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Thread: Seven Stars Signature Events experiences?

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    Being non-smoking had little if anything to do with Revel's closing. People who go to AC are mostly non-smokers, while the locals smoke like chimneys. And would the smokers have gone to Revel if smoking were allowed? Of course not--it's way too classy for the slugs.

    The biggest problem Revel had was poor management, insufficient marketing, and they opened a multi-billion dollar resort at at time that was far less than optimal for a place already on the downspin like AC. In short, it was too good to be true and at the wrong time.

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    I have no handle on the costs associated with keeping air clean in a casino.

    1) Does running the system full bore 24/7 incur much higher energy costs than not doing it?
    2) How often do filters or parts have to be changed and managed? Do casinos have people in place to do this or is it all outside work?
    3) Are there very different systems of air cleaning and circulation, or does it work the same way in almost all casinos?
    4) Are there any air standards for interiors of casinos?
    5) Are there standards for areas deemed "non-smoking" or is that just a designation?

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    One thing the Revel had was Jose Garces taco truck. The best fish taco and al pastor I have ever had. Was expensive but great.

    Otherwise--it was too far up the boardwalk away from the foot traffic, and too high class for the area.

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    Smoking has declined big time over the past few decades, as has the American public's tolerance of dealing with secondhand smoke.

    Most businesses have realized that they actually do better by restricting smoking.

    Norwegian Cruise Lines no longer allows smoking on the balconies.
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    So a casino went smoke free and went out of business. Harrah's Tunica was heavy smoke and went out of business. So there must be something at least in common. As has been mentioned before -- poor management. The question was whether NOLA would go out of business now that it is non smoke. Although its management if a bit iffy, I am still putting my money on it being around for a good long time.

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    Originally Posted by regnis View Post
    PK--are you staying at Caesars or Harrahs in Atlantic City. Harrahs is a much nicer casino. However, Caesars has the Boardwalk and the ocean. So if that is your interest, I would suggest that you stay at Caesars.

    So many are disappointed with Atlantic City. I love it, however, because I love the ocean plain and simple.
    We are staying at Caesars because of the boardwalk and the ocean. Same as you, I just love the ocean. Having always lived in the Midwest, it's just nice to look at it, and for a quick trip like we are doing here NJ and AC is a relatively easy drive by our standards.

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    The casinos and racinos in Ohio are non smoking inside the buildings, but some of the ones that can physically have outdoor semi-enclosed patio areas with games. The ones I've seen are always packed, and have expanded those areas since they originally opened to allow for more machines.

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    Originally Posted by pkspins View Post
    some of the ones that can physically have outdoor semi-enclosed patio areas with games.
    There are a couple "card casinos" in the Los Angeles area that have gaming under tents in secure areas where smoking is allowed. You will find Vegas style card games including blackjack, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Mississippi Stud, etc. but not actual poker games. Even in the Indian casinos, all poker is played in a smoke-free environment.

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    Casinos in British Columbia are smoke free as are bars and restaurants. Doesn't seem to have slowed any of those businesses and we have a high Asian smoker population here.

    The government here made it a workers compensation issue and therefore you can't make anyone work in a smoke filled environment. I love it.

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    If you were to apply for a job at Caesars, every job description or application has a condition that the applicant understand and must be able to work in a smoke filled environment. I don't know if this would sustain a legal challenge for workers comp or other legal challenge for an unhealthy environment, but it is their attempt to do so.

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    The last time I was on the boardwalk in Atlantic City a seagull grabbed my cheese steak right out of my hands.

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    Originally Posted by Nash View Post
    The last time I was on the boardwalk in Atlantic City a seagull grabbed my cheese steak right out of my hands.
    Haha! Were you comped the cheesesteak? Maybe they realized that you had rc's to use up first and they were fixing their mistake!
    I once had a crow snatch my hotdog out of my golf cart while I was teeing off on the tenth hole. I hadn't even taken one bite yet!

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    Nash and Chimp you have nothing to talk about about birds snatching your snacks. I've had three ex-wives and their legal eagle lawyers swoop in and snatch everything.

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    You know what George Foreman said, the toughest beating he ever took was in a divorce courtroom in Houston, TX.

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