Hi. On my new Best Buys Show tomorrow, Saturday June 6, on KCAL Channel 9 at 5:30pm I show you some special gift ideas for Fathers Day.

Perhaps the most unique and special "Man Cave" gift idea for Fathers Day is a craps table. These are just like the Vegas-style craps tables but a bit smaller -- six feet long. These can be personalized also and they come with what you would see on a Vegas style table -- pyramids on the end walls and mirrors and professional craps layout.

If Dad always wanted a Rolex here's your chance to get Dad an unworn Rolex at a great discount -- or get Dad a gently worn Rolex also at a great discount. You will find these exceptional deals at A Cash Jewelry and Atlantis Watches and Jewelry in Tustin in Orange County.

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Thanks for watching and good shopping!
Alan Mendelson