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    So to resolve the "growler" question: Rob should have said, "time for a pint" or "time for a cool one" or "time for a brew."

    And... I learned something too. :-)
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I understood both definitions. Wasn't sure which one was Rob was going for though. I have played in scramble golf tournaments where they put a growler in every golf cart, even at 8:00 am.

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    Not me. I knew the urban meaning. I suspect Rob did, too. It's more a UK slang thing than American.

    Fab, I just assumed you were letting us know your preferences.

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    Bingo! I lived in the UK for two years, but I meant it both ways. Either one equates to gentle relief from the bs in this thread.

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    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    Not me. I knew the urban meaning. I suspect Rob did, too. It's more a UK slang thing than American.

    Fab, I just assumed you were letting us know your preferences.
    Hi Redietz:

    The Urban dictionary alternative is NOT my cup of tea, but hey I am not going to judge what other people are into


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    Hi Kilgore:

    When you can, please report the resolution, if any, to your battle with CET incompetence. It may shed some light on CET inner workings for the rest of us.


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    Kilgore I am also interested in what your credit union has to say about the problems it caused.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    She didn't answer my last text, and hasn't come back here to update us.

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    What's weird is that a "big player" has no host, can't get the attention of a host, and ran into so many problems... while at the same time able to bend other rules such as extended stays. That's something even you can't get, Dan.

    Don't you think the whole thing was a bit fishy?

    And how much of these problems were really those of the hotels and how much was because the credit cards were cancelled? And what exactly was the customer wanting from the hotels/casinos?

    And for the record, Kilgore has been back... but hasn't posted.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    A lot did not make sense to me. I agree the whole thing was a bit fishy....... Extended stays, no host. Etc.
    I've been to Cleveland Horseshoe twice. Both times I was approached by a host. I was playing very small ($25) as I was with friends and just killing time. CET will assign a host for a fairly low ADT (about $400). I also think making 60,000 tier credits over 10 days, by playing 4 hours of blackjack a day at an average bet of $200......would be unlikely. Alan, I know that you didn't think making the 6k tier credits wa difficult playing VP. Kilgore only mentioned playing blackjack and poker.
    I don't doubt that there was some sort of credit card issue, but I just don't buy the whole story. I have contacts at all the properties she mentioned, but was not willing to present them when I couldn't 100% comprehend the story.

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    Definitely a fishy story, but I don't know what Kilgore was fishing for???

    Kilgore didn't think that by taking the problems to a public forum that it would actually get comps, cash or anything else, did she? Especially when a fictitious screen name is used instead of a public declaration.

    I still question just how much of the fault lies with the hotels and how much lies with her credit union and are we sure the credit union cancelled the cards for the holds? That is also unlikely as far as I'm concerned. I've had charges blocked but never had a card cancelled.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Small banks in the U.S. Are on the hook for bad credit card charges and so some are a little too " proactive " about canceling cards. It is probably a good idea to keep a card with a national brand too.

    The target and Home Depot hacks of a few years ago hit some small banks really hard.

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    I disagree. The banks can simply refuse the charge. There is no need to cancel the card.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    It's a shame Kilgore didn't post an update, as I'm sure Rob would have loaned her any cash she might have needed.

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    Banks don't necessarily have to eat fraudulent charges.

    They can pass them on to the merchant -- provided the merchant is willing to pay up. They can close merchant accounts for refusing to pay, so those merchants can be stuck without being able to accept credit cards. Large merchants almost always pay up.

    Also, if the bank hasn't paid the merchant yet, they can simply refuse to pay them.

    The burden to verify the charge as legitimate is on the merchant, not the bank.
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