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Thread: Let's list the CET full pay/full tier VP machines here

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    alpax, good analysis!

    And yes, I did do the Double STP for 5 straight days. I didn't set foot outdoors once -- which I believe was the longest streak of days I've ever had in my life (except perhaps when I was an infant) indoors.

    All I did each day was play Double STP, eat, sleep, browse the internet, talk on the phone, do my radio show (one of the days), and get a massage. Felt kind of weird to tell my family, "Bye! I'll be back in 5 days! I'm going to grind Seven Stars!"

    It's true that the Double STP added variance, but because I was playing 5x $0.50, that by itself lowered the variance. It also helped that I ran well and hit 6 royals (the only 6 I've ever had in my life, oddly enough).

    Anyway, the Rincon has killed the paytables of that game, so that's that.

    You said that the NSUD 99.73% game at Harrah's NO generates zero theoretical. That's incorrect. A host (from another property) told me my theoretical from my play on that game, and it was not only above zero, it was higher than I expected.

    However, it has been 4 1/2 months since I've been there, and I'm getting crap offers. Not zero offers, but laughable offers such as $60 freeplay. But there are offers nonetheless.

    If one were to attempt Seven Stars today, I would suggest grinding the 5-play $1 machines at NSUD at Harrah's NO or the 5-play $1 machines at Harrah's Lake Tahoe.

    But again, you should be shooting for Seven Stars only if interested in the core benefits. If you are looking for freeplay or great comp offers, you are barking up the wrong tree.
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    Seems like the video poker opportunities at Rincon were fast dwindling even well before your 5 day run (congrats on the successful outcome). For people that want to gamble for the fun of it without seeking club card rewards, the South Point casino at Vegas has the Double STP multiplay 8/5 Bonus for quarters.

    I do agree with your beliefs about the 7* efficiency playing multi hand, I just did the 10,000 hand Diamond in a Day analysis for fun and for those who are curious.

    There is a known guy in which people talk about on the VPFree message board who grinds hard the multi-play machine you are referring to at Harrah's NO; plays consistently very fast for several hours to a point where it amazes people. He was racking up (now no longer existent) 7* experience points, those experiences offer much greater value than what he was theoretically losing. That is where I heard Bob Dancer (who is well connected with serious video poker players) saying those machines have no theoretical loss value to create mailers. As long as you got something out of your play, it is better than the rumored nothing at all.

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