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Thread: Pechanga Promotions and Entertainment - July 2015

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    This month will be a joy for those that are into slots. From the mailer I received.

    Gaming Promotions

    1. Skee-Ball Bonus Game

    Every Thursdays in July during 8AM to Midnight, players playing with The Club card can play an interactive bonus game on the club card screen for earning 1000 club points (that is $1000 coin in).

    The interactive game can reward a minimum of $10 EasyPlay (free play in that casino) up to a maximum of $1000.

    You can play up to 5 times each promotional day. Ultimate X and Game Kings (Video Poker, Video Blackjack, Video Keno, and some of its slot games) are excluded from this promotion.

    2. Reels Slot Multiplier

    Every Tuesdays in July from 4pm - 8pm, the earning rate of club dollars will multiply depending on the tier you are on.

    4x points for Silver - ($250 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
    5x points for Gold - ($200 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
    8x points for Platinum - ($125 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
    10x points for Red - ($100 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)

    Ultimate X and Game Kings (Video Poker, Video Blackjack, Video Keno, and some of its slot games) are also excluded from this promotion.

    The fine print says the point multipliers do not count for Tier level balance. Meaning if entering Gold requires 50,000 points to enter, a player starting from scratch at 0 points cannot play 12,500 points to get into Gold.

    3. Free Selfie Stick

    On July 8th (wed) from 8am to 10am, earn 1000 points on any table game or slots (including Game King) with the Club card to earn a free selfie stick (which is now banned from Disneyland)

    4. Independence Day Weekend Hot Seats

    On the weekend of July 3-5, from 12pm to 10pm, a random player will be awarded $100 EasyPlay automatically loaded to the card every 5 minutes. The card must be in the machine and have play recorded to be eligible.

    To those that want to maximize the potential of this promotion and have the time to spend, take a minute break from each slot spin, keno play, or video poker hand to extend your bankroll to be eligible for as many 5 minute drawings as possible.

    5. This reoccurs on a monthly basis and this promotion is not posted online. For the Table game players.

    Depending on play, each week table game players will receive either $25, $50, $75, $100 free match play coupons. Each match play coupon is in $25 increments. Prior to April, it used to be just Fridays, now it is any time during the week for one of the days. Each match play voucher expires within 24 hours of receipt.

    Entertainment Schedule

    July 3 Warrant & Lita Ford
    July 11 San Khau HAi
    July 17 Laser Spectacular Presents The music of Pink Floyd
    July 25 Summer Chinese Concert Teresa Carpio & Chang Kui
    July 31 Muay Thai - Lion Fight #24

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    Thanks for posting. I've been after the Pechanga PR department to send info but they haven't. I think they lost a good PR manager about two years ago.

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    Been away for a few days, I liked the June's promotions better than this month. Important to note that these promotions are for all players. For the people who put in significant play (maybe 2 hours worth to most people) during a visit, Pechanga normally sends out 2 or 3 additional promotions and/or gift offers that is not posted online. It seems to be similar to the gift offers from what I read about Rincon, but I never seen them offer a million dollars to someone.

    Interesting to hear about the PR personnel loss. It is a bit surprising since Pechanga is one of the largest non-corporate employers in the state and have been huge in efforts to creating jobs, but bigger organizations probably have more bureaucracy going on.

    I have yet to receive my mailer from Morongo, I will post that as soon as it comes.
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