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Thread: Morongo Promotions and Entertainment - July 2015

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    Got the mailer today for this month. Not sure the reason Morongo sends them out late these days. Here goes.

    -- Gaming Promotions --

    1. Morongo's Famous $300,000 Side Show (July 6 - August 28)

    Morongo has an alternating promotion that lasts two months at a time, this time it is a circus themed event.

    Each week, players can earn scratch off ticket and contest entry for every 500 points on slots/video poker/video keno/video roulette or $35 theoretical loss at a table game. The limit is 10 tickets per week with the deadline being Friday.

    A scratchier can either reveal a letter or a prize.

    If a letter is revealed, the player must hold onto it until S-I-D-E-S-H-O-W is spelled out. The first player who collects all the letters will win the grand prize of $50,000. If the player already has a duplicate letter in possession, he/she may trade it in for another drawing entry for the week's drawing for a maximum potential of 20 entries.

    If a prize is revealed, it could be free slot play, free show ticket, free meal, or free Morongo merchandise.

    If a player has at least one scratch off ticket, they will receive a ticket to watch a miniature circus show held each Friday. During the show, drawing entries earned through the week will be randomly selected and the Player's names will be called out. Winner need to be present to win and must claim within 5 minutes of being called or else another name will be called. Prizes ranging from free slot play, high end electronics, cash, or multi day trips.

    2. $50,000 WhirlWin! Cash Grab (Mondays July 13, 20, 27, 1pm-10pm)

    Every 15 minutes, a random player playing with their Morongo Rewards card will participate in a cash grab. A crew will randomly scour the casino floor to pick out a winner. To be eligible for each preceding hour, earn 250 points to be qualified for the next 4 drawings. This is also a Win Zone promotion, where players playing around the same bank as the selected winner will win a prize too ($25 free slot play usually).

    The selected player will be placed in a glass Houdini chamber with cash (bills of various denominations) on the floor. When the timer starts, wind will blow the cash upwards. The player has 30 seconds to grab as many bills as possible and place them into a small container. Players will get to keep the bills before time runs out. If a 2 dollar bill is collected, they will win double the prize amount.

    3. Hot Wheel Hot Seats Thursday July 30 10 am - 10 pm

    Every 30 minutes, the Hot Wheel Hot Seat crew will randomly select 2 players who are actively playing a slot machine with their Morongo Rewards card.

    Each Player will get to spin a wheel similar to the big wheel like The Price is Right. Top prize is $1000 Free Slot Play. This is also a Win Zone promotion, where players playing around the same bank as the selected winner will win a prize too ($25 free slot play usually).

    4. Win On Wednesday is back after a 2 year hiatus (On Wednesday July 8)

    Earn 500 Points with the Morongo Rewards Card and receive a Portable BBQ and Cooler Bag. While supplies last.

    5. Ongoing Every Tuesday - Free Slot Play Bonus Tuesdays

    Every Tuesday, additional free play matching your weekly amount will be loaded on the Morongo Rewards card.

    6. Ongoing Every Thursday - Mystery Bonu$ Freeplay Thur$day$

    Every Thursday, earn 100 points with the Morongo Rewards Card. Swipe the card on the Morongo Rewards Kiosk and earn a mysterious amount of free play. (Observation, the more you play in the recent time period, the more you get)

    7. The King of Morongo Promotions - Weekly Luxury Car Giveaway

    July 6, and Sundays in July

    This is the only promotion where high rollers can have a huge advantage.

    Every Sunday (except for the 4th of July weekend) from 6pm to 10pm. Players playing with their Rewards card will have their accumulated points earned throughout the week into the drawing. 1 point = 1 drawing entry.

    Must be present to win. At 6pm, 6:30pm, 7pm, 7:30pm, 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm, 9:30pm a name will be called for $1000 in free slot play. The winner has 5 minutes to claim the prize, or else another name is called. A player is only eligible for 1 slot play prize per day.

    At 10pm, a name will be drawn for a luxury car. For July, it will be the Chevy Camaro 2 SS. Free slot play winners are eligible again for this prize.

    Everyone has a chance to win.

    There has been a story where a college student attending UC Riverside who played a penny slot machine for a few minutes with just $5 dollar bill, ended up winning the luxury car.

    There have been high rollers who have won multiple cars, but gave back the value of the cars in gambling losses.

    Interesting perspective some people have about this. This is just an opportunity to buy a car at a fraction of the price due to the 1099 taxes you will need to pay for it.

    85% of the car winners take a lower cash prize instead of the car.

    8. National Sugar Cookie Day Thursday July 9

    Stop by the Rewards club booth for a free cookie

    B. Entertainment

    July 10 - The Swon Brothers
    July 16 - La Original Banda El Limon
    July 18 - Adam Lambert
    July 19 - Gloriana
    July 25 - Puddle of Mudd
    July 31 - Michael McDonald

    Every Friday in July - Fifty Shades of Men Male Revue Show

    August 7 - Jay Leno

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    Do they still allow 18 year olds to gamble??

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Do they still allow 18 year olds to gamble??
    Yes they do, one of the few dry casinos in the USA.

    Barona is the other one I can think of that allow 18 year olds as well.

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