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    Hi Guys

    Just started playing poker at Rincon and Pala. They have some limit games which made me feel comfortable in terms of learning the mechanics of live poker. I still have trouble following the game completely but I am getting a bit more comfortable as I play.

    I just returned from Laughlin where I was playing mostly 4-8 limit poker; I was surprised how large some of the pots got. I refuse to play 3-6 limit because a lot of players will play any hand (since it is so low). Anyways, do you guys know of any limit games in LA or OC that are worth trying out? I have always been intimated playing poker at Commerce or the Bike.

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    At Commerce you will find just about any level game you want. Yes pots in limit poker can be much bigger than No Limit because more players will chase and be sucked in.

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    Try San Manuel, if you don't mind the neighborhood.

    They have 2-4, 3-6, and 4-8.
    The 4-8 is with a kill.
    They share a jackpot that starts at $13k, that hits often.
    If the pot doesn't reach a certain amount (depends on limit), they refund the drop, except for the $1 jackpot drop.

    The competition isn't too tough, players and dealers are friendly, and get a player's card.
    Enough hours will get you free food.

    Their slots and table games aren't the best pay offs... I drive an hour to play poker, Commerce and Bike are only 20 minute away, their drops are too stiff and the players can be nits.

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    I never played at San Manuel, but I've heard from other "experienced players" that there is some easy money to be made there.

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