I received the mailer for September last week, I will try to do a better copy and paste job from the August 2015 thread. This month will favor the Table Game players as well as those that are in local vicinity to Temecula.

Gaming Promotions

1. Labor Day (Hot Seats)

On Monday September 7th from 11am to 8pm, a random player will be awarded $100 EasyPlay automatically loaded to the card every 5 minutes. The card must be in the machine and have play recorded to be eligible.

To those that want to maximize the potential of this promotion and have the time to spend, take a minute break from each slot spin, keno play, or video poker hand to extend your bankroll to be eligible for as many 5 minute drawings as possible.

2. Reels Slot Multiplier

Yes, I am aware that the day of the week and the time period keeps changing all the time.

Every Sunday in September from 1pm - 5pm, the earning rate of club dollars will multiply depending on the tier you are on.

4x points for Silver - ($250 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
5x points for Gold - ($200 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
8x points for Platinum - ($125 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)
10x points for Red - ($100 coin in on slots for $1 club dollar)

Ultimate X and Game Kings (Video Poker, Video Blackjack, Video Keno, and some of its slot games) are also excluded from this promotion.

The fine print says the point multipliers do not count for Tier level balance. Meaning if entering Gold requires 50,000 points to enter, a player starting from scratch at 0 points cannot play 12,500 points to get into Gold.

3. Lucky Lanterns (Tuesdays in September excluding the 29th and Saturday September 26)

Each Tuesday, swipe the CLUB card at the kiosk near the Box Office to play an interactive game where you choose between different colored lanterns. A person can win EasyPlay up to $1000, a gift (not disclosed online or on the mailer), or the consolation prize of entries to the Grand Prize Drawing.

Those that have entries to the Grand Prize Drawings can activate their entries by making a visit on Saturday September 26 from Noon to 8pm. The earlier you come and activate, the more prizes you are eligible for. The Grand Prize Drawings will have $100,000 worth of prizes in EasyPlay and Cash. Top Prize is $10,000. Winners now have 48 hours (up from 24 hours) to claim cash prizes or else it is forfeited.

Sounds like this favors people who can stop by Pechanga on a Tuesday to maximize their chances.

4. Harvest Moon Table Games Promotion

This is the granddaddy promotion for Table Game players, happens I think once or twice a year.

From September 1 - 25, earn entries by playing at the Table Games and receiving a special hand.

Baccarat - Dragon Win or Natural Tie
Pai Gow Poker - 5 card Flush
Blackjack - Any Blackjack of any suit
3 Card Poker - A 3 card straight
Let it Ride - Straight (this is the hardest to get in my opinion)
Ultimate Texas Holdem - Straight
Asia Poker - Flush

For two days there will be drawings held to award prizes

Friday August 18
Friday August 25

8pm - 10 winners of $250 Easy Play
9pm - 10 winners of $500 Easy Play
10pm - 1 winner of a 2015 Mini Cooper

5. This reoccurs on a monthly basis and this promotion is not posted online. For the Table game players.

Depending on play, each week table game players will receive either $25, $50, $75, $100 free match play coupons. Each match play coupon is in $25 increments. Prior to April, it used to be just Fridays, now it is any time during the week for one of the days. Each match play voucher expires within 24 hours of receipt.

Entertainment Schedule

September 11 Boyz II Men
September 13 Marco Antonio Solis
September 14/15 Mexican - Las Colibri Mariachi Music (Free)
September 16 Paul Anka
September 20 Vietnamese - Paris By Night
September 25 Ron White
September 26 Hong Kong - William So

The mystery offers I got for August that was by invite only.

1. Gold Member Welcoming Gift
2. Free Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth