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Thread: Some new info about video poker at Morongo

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    I was told last night that Morongo (near Palm Springs) has .1666% cash back on video poker. That beats Rincon which pays .10% and with Rincon the cash back comes in the form of free play two months later in a mailer. With Morongo, any time during your session you can go to the cage and get your cash, and you can do it multiple times in a day if you desire and have more money coming to you.

    Also, I was told that while Bonus poker has a 7/5 pay table at $1, $2, and $5 at Morongo, the Jacks or Better game has a 9/5 pay table at the same denominations. A 9/5 Jacks or Better pay table beats Rincon where Jacks or Better games are at 8/5. Double Double Bonus is at 9/5 as well at Morongo, and that beats Rincon.
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    I noticed you corrected the percentages by a factor of 10!

    Video Poker is "not great" at Morongo unfortunately, not an ideal spot.

    The cashback is the nice part about the Morongo Rewards system. You could use it directly from most slot and Game King machines, you could pay off the bill from the food joints that is not at the food court, and as you mentioned, you can get cash (which is king) from the cashier.

    High Limit Room games $1/$2/$5 are:

    9/6/5 Double Bonus
    9/5 Double Double Bonus
    9/5 Jacks or Better
    7/5 Bonus Poker
    20-12-10-4-4-3-2-1 Deuces Wild
    Atlantic City 2 Pair Joker Poker (5 of a kind pays 800 for 1, 97.09% payout)

    There are 4 banks of Game Kings on the regular floor


    8/5 Jacks or Better
    35 all quads - 6/5 Bonus Poker
    9/5 Triple Double Bonus
    9/5 Double Double Bonus
    9/6/4 Double Bonus
    20/12/9 Deuces Wild
    8/5 Bonus Poker Deluxe

    $1 - A full percent higher

    8/6 Jacks or Better
    7/5 Bonus Poker
    9/6 Triple Double Bonus
    9/6 Double Double Bonus
    9/6/5 Double Bonus
    20/12/10 Deuces Wild
    8/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe

    Thus $1 9/6 DDB outside of high limit room is the best option. Morongo is a good place for traditional slots.

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    Yes I did correct the cash back by a factor of ten.

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