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    Casino Morongo near Palm Springs has a holiday gift shop -- and you don't have to go to the casino to take part. You redeem the gifts with your reward points. The casino sent catalogs to members of their players club and the catalog directs players to a special website for ordering what's in the snail mail catalog plus hundreds of more items on the website catalog.

    But there is a little glitch in the system. Players have to log in to the online catalog and it is not clear what your log in ID and password are.

    The online site instructs users to log in with their user name and password -- but what is it? This information was not provided.

    So -- here's what you need to know:

    Your user name is your player's card number and you password is your four digit pin that you use in the casino.

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    The Morongo HJoliday Gift Shop has officially opened on November 9th and will run through the rest of the year for the time being.

    I was told that they were testing stuff on the days earlier and now it finally opened.

    To access the site you have to use the Players Club Number as well as the 4 digit pin.

    It looks as if Morongo teamed up with a wholesale provider for the holiday season. The catalog has just about everything you would see at a Macy's or Best Buy.

    You can only use points to purchase items, cash is not an option. The prices closely reflect the 300 points for $1 cash back, thus it is no different than cashing out your points accumulated from the Morongo Rewards players card and then using that cash to buy anything you want at your favorite place.

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    Are the Morongo gift points in addition to the points for cash back -- or are the points good for cash back OR the gifts?

    The Caesars Great Gift Wrap Up is a bonus and does not effect how you use Reward Credits.

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    It appears to be that the points that you earn from your play on your Morongo Rewards card can either be used for cashback or to purchase items from their shop (the longevity of the store will be dependent on demand). The shop was created as another way to redeem the points. The price on the merchandise does reflect the 300 points for $1 value, I would have been more content if it was 200 or 250 points for $1 value.

    I am aware of how MGM and Total Rewards do their Holiday Gift programs, you accrue gift points on the side and it is not taken from Reward Credits or Express Comp/Play points.

    Thus, I very disappointed in how Morongo planned this out. I think they psychologically want people to play above their means to try to get the items if they are slightly short on their point balance to get the item they want.

    It is better to cash out and use that cash to go to the Cabazon outlet nearby to buy stuff at a better deal.

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    Yes Alpax it appears all this holiday gift deal does is give players another option for their cashback. But why buy retail?

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    The Morongo website confirms that this will be a temporary thing for the Holidays. It will be available for until December 27th.

    They have a disclaimer about ensuring delivery in time for the 25th, it is highly recommended to redeem the gifts by December 5th.

    I am indeed disappointed that the products are valued at retail price, so a lot of gambling is needed to redeem decent items; my issue is that I do not play nearly as much anymore due to past issues.

    The best holiday promotion happened in 2009. Where the amount you play can earn you up to $200 worth of gift cards (American Express). Since then, there has not been anything relevant for holiday promotions.
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