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Thread: Diamond Aspirations expiration

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    We visited Vegas this past weekend and stopped by Caesars to pick up our new cards from Total Rewards as my SO dropped from seven star to diamond (conscious decision to consolidate play to mlife). In 2014, he earned 123k tier credits which would entitle him to "diamond aspirations 2 benefits". However, when we asked for my companion card, they said the benefit was no longer available and had expired in March (while he was still seven star). So now we are wondering if the diamond aspirations trip with airfare credit is subject to the same expiration? My internet research has led me to believe it may be, but I wanted to consult with the experts before potentially leaving money and on the table!

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    For the 2015 earning period (Jan 1st, 2015 - Dec 31st, 2015), you must redeem your Diamond Aspirations 80K trip by June 30th, 2016.


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