The Monday after Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday and it is famous as being the biggest day of the year for online shopping. This is actually the 10th Anniversary of Cyber Monday and estimates are one-third of Americans will shop online today. Before you click remember these safety tips:

1. Don't click on email links. The link you click on might put a virus on your computer or hack your private information.

2. Beware discounts that might be bogus. Not every company is willing to give you huge discounts so be careful about the companies offering huge discounts. This is the time to deal with trusted online vendors. You don't want to spend your money on some product that never arrives.

3. Do business with a secure website. A secure website starts with "https://" These secure sites have been tested and meet certain requirements to protect your information.

4. Pay with credit cards. Credit card purchases can be disputed if something goes wrong. Avoid wiring money or using payments directly from your checking account.

5. Stop and think. It's easy to get into the holiday cyber Monday hype of holiday shopping. Stop and think if you really need what you are about to click on and be sure it really is the best price. Also check the shipping policy of the vendor.