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Thread: Rincon screws people on freeplay offer

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    Here is a report from Seven Stars Insider, regarding a fiasco involving a November 1, 2015 promotion there:

    Harrah’s Resort Southern California last month mailed a printed invitation to customers for an event every Sunday in November plus a guaranteed amount of free play.

    The offer successfully attracted a huge crowd on November 1, but players soon found out the actual amount of free play downloaded from the slot machines was about half the offer amount printed on the invitation.

    When players questioned this at the Total Rewards Center they were asked for the original envelope from the mailing. Of course, no one brought this to the casino, nor did many people even retain the envelope. However, several players had the original offer with them.

    The Total Rewards staff took everyone’s name and players card account number and promised a response. Three days later, they received an email (Subject: URGENT! YOUR OFFER MAY BE INCORRECT) acknowledging the error (“internal sorting mistakes”), but offering no additional “compensation” – especially to those who made the trip that first Sunday in November. (11/5)
    Here is the mailer AFTER the error already occurred on November 1:

    They did not "make it right" for anyone in any way.

    People got offers for freeplay, were only awarded half of what was promised, and nothing was done further to compensate them, even though many had driven hundreds of miles to be there for the promotion.

    This is actually illegal to do in California, but the casino is on Indian land, so it operates under its own rules. Still, I would love to see someone report this to gaming in California, as they still have some say over the situation.

    Really shitty.
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    This was a Rincon blunder especially if they didn't make good on a 50% free play error. Really it's just free play and if someone was getting $200 free play instead of $100 free play what's the big deal? It's another reason to STOP going to Rincon.

    I doubt California regulators will get involved. I am sure there is a disclaimer on the mailer about changes.

    Just avoid Rincon in the future.

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