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Thread: MontBleu Lake Tahoe (Stateline, NV) matching CET Seven Stars/Diamond status

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Could you summarize this for me? If I went to Lake Tahoe and stayed at a CET property, and then went to this particular hotel and showed them my 7 Stars card but did NOT play, what would I get at the Cosmo in Vegas at a later date?

    You would receive nothing at the Cosmo. I was trying to think of the best analogy for this question and this is the best that I could come up with. Since we're all CET players think of it as a companion seven star card. With that you can access the Diamond lounges, skip registration and restaurant lines, VIP valet parking and get special cocktails etc.. But you are not able to receive all the best benefits of the 7* program. Such as invites to events, gifts and free hotel rooms.

    With this "pseudo" black card you'll be able to get all the soft benefits at the various Tropicana properties. But will be unable to receive the cosmo /cruise packages available to Black Card holders.

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    So no 3-night stay at the Cosmo? And what about the $500 free play at the Cosmo?

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    So no 3-night stay at the Cosmo? And what about the $500 free play at the Cosmo?
    Even RS__ would smell a rat here.

    I have 2 Tahoe friends (students actually) who both have CET Gold Cards. They both received a Trop Gold card, and both immediately qualified for the 3 free nights @ COSMO and $50 in freeplay. So it could be one of those promotions where nobody has 100% of the facts--maybe even not them. This promo is also valid for Hard Rock Tahoe card holders.

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