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Thread: Morongo New Website and Possible Extension of the Morongo Rewards Shop online store

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    I got the January mailer and it mentions that a newly designed website is up.

    I do like this new website much more, I was surprised that there are many more hosts than I can recognize.

    The gift shop will seem to operate past December 27, as it appears in the January mailer.

    I regret I cannot post this earlier, the benefit of buying products on the shop was that every 1000 points spent was for a drawing held on Fridays, where 2 winners would win a trip in various parts of the world.

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    I forgot to include the casino's website URL address

    For clarification, the December 27th date was the final day the self serve computers will be available for people to shop nearby Cafe Serrano. The model store will be taken down this week.

    The shop online store will remain open, it requires the Rewards Card ID and PIN to access. It will still be at a redemption of 300 points per $1 in value.

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