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Thread: NYE Free Play offer from Morongo

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    I thought this was pretty generous: $450 free play and it's good on both Dec 31 and Jan 1. No hotel stay required.

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    Most people were amazed at the offers they were given to show up at NYE, and the VIP freeplay drawings in the ballroom. It is the best they've seen in a long time in the 11 year history of the resort (not the old Casino Morongo building).

    That offer you got is un-Morongo like for sure. I got $50 for myself, but I do not have plans to be there eihter.

    I was there after the Christmas crowd dust settled, the person who won the grand prize was a 9/5 DDB regular player at the high limit room. He had about 100,000 points - $200k coin in. He was willing to pay the full 1099 taxes on the Rangerover Evoque, at his tax bracket he said he is looking to pay $19,000 in taxes. Not sure the reason he does not play 9/6 DDB outside of the high limit room.

    If that and the December 23rd offer are the only ones you've received. I am surprised you were excluded in the normal monthly mailer and also that a host did not contact you, the players feel they are treated well at the casino and by their hosts.

    I know you will be in Vegas for NYE and will not make anymore visits to Morongo, but at least I got to say what I wanted to.

    I gathered some information about Soboba, waiting on a person to get their January mailer and then I will post the limited information I got. They have much better high denomination VP than Morongo, but most people prefer Morongo.

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    I did get a mailer for January free play: $100 per week. Ironically I got a mailer from Agua Caliente casino where I stopped in once and played a total of $300 in video poker. Their offer in January is $150 twice a month.

    By the way-- What old Casino Morongo building? I remember the tent.

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    Most of the value of Morongo's mailer is in the weekend hotel room say which has 0 value to you but highly coveted by the whales. Best offer I heard to date.

    The old Casino Morongo building used to be where the bowling alley is right now. Used to be very small casino but they were one of the trailblazers for class 3 gaming in the state.

    The tent is what Soboba is right now, they were late to the game and are wanting to build a resort.

    The agua Caliente offer is probably too good to be a regular offer. It is either a loss rebate or an offer to entice you to return. I get 40 a week at pechanga for 10k of action so that is the reason I am skeptical. If it the case that the offer is legit as a regular mailer I got to start playing at Agua caliente.

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    All hotel offers have zero value to me.

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