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Thread: Rincon Millionaire Drawing -- 1st player a no-show

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    Someone ended 2015 with a million dollar blunder. Their name was called for the million dollar drawing at Rincon and they failed to show up in time to claim it. Someone by the name of "Che W." was called according to one of our forum members who texted me. The second player called was there.

    How could you not be there for the drawing if you entered it?

    I wonder if there really was a "Che W." of if they announced a bogus name just to add some drama to the evening? If they did announce a bogus player there would be no harm.... unless the "bogus player" claimed the prize. LOL

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    I am guessing it is one of those players who goes on the casino tour bus frequently and was not around when the drawing was there.

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    Originally Posted by alpax View Post
    I am guessing it is one of those players who goes on the casino tour bus frequently and was not around when the drawing was there.
    Interesting thought but I think that's unlikely.

    The entries are weighted and depend on the amount of play. In the past, high rollers have won the million. So a high roller using the bus wouldn't make sense, though it's possible.

    I think it's more likely someone was up in their room.

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    Alan, weren't you once in your hotel room or off-property when called for a drawing? Perhaps I read your posts in the past improperly, but you seemed to have something against the casinos that make you attend the drawing live in order to win.

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    Several years ago I was called for a drawing at Hollywood Park Casino -- a poker casino in LA. I was a frequent player there, and I wasn't at the casino the night of a drawing. When I wasn't there they picked another name.

    At Rincon I was picked for a $1,000 free play drawing and I wasn't there. I had played earlier in the day and went home. I thought I could return to the casino by midnight to pick up the $1,000 of free play but Rincon changed the rules requiring the prize to be claimed within a certain amount of time. I don't recall now if it was one hour or 5-minutes or 10-minutes. At the time I lived 90-minutes from Rincon so I could only claim the prize if I had until midnight.

    I won $1,000 free play drawings at Rincon several times in the past and picked them up Saturday night before midnight. This was my strategy:

    1. The eligible play started at 12:01am on the date of the drawing.
    2. I would arrive after midnight and play heavily. Then I would "kill time" until 8-am.
    3. At 8-am the kiosk would open to swipe player cards to make yourself eligible for the drawings.
    4. First drawing would be at 1-pm.

    Not many people were in the casino at 1-pm and because I played heavily post-midnight my chances of winning were high. In fact, the drawings I did win were usually the early drawings (they had drawings every half hour). I would call Total Rewards to see if my name was on the winner's list and if it was I would drive back to Rincon to claim by midnight.

    When they changed the rules my strategy no longer worked.

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