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Thread: Pechanga Promotions and Entertainment - February 2016

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    NOTE: There is not a lot going on for promotions that apply to the general public. If you play at Pechanga, I am starting to notice the promotions and offers they send through private invite are greater.

    A. Gaming Promotions

    1. Lucky Red Envelopes - Tuesdays and Thursdays in January 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18 1pm-9pm

    Brought back the similar promotion from last month, except now it is offered twice a week rather than just once. Swipe your CLUB card at the kiosk nearby the theater foyer to claim up to $1000 in EasyPlay. The minimum by rumor is $10, but the amount awarded is likely based on past play in my guess.

    2. Presidents Day Hot Seats - February 15 - 10am-8pm

    Every 5 minutes, a player with their CLUB card inserted into the machine while playing will win $100 in EasyPlay.

    3. Leap Year Hot Seats - February 29 - 10am-8pm

    Every 5 minutes, a player with their CLUB card inserted into the machine while playing will win $100 in EasyPlay.

    4. Celebration of Lunar New Year

    Limited time Club card designs that honors the Year of the Monkey.

    5. GOLD Gifting Day

    From February 22-24, GOLD, PLATINUM, RED tier CLUB members can pick up a free gift for their qualification.

    Lion Dancers on February 6 3PM on the Casino Floor

    B. Entertainment

    1. Engelbert Humperdinck - February 12 & 13

    2. Sam Lee & Sophia Fang - February 20

    3. 8th Annual Chocolate & Wine Festival - February 26 & 27

    4. Brian Regan - February 27

    My initial Private Offer - $100,000 Year of the Monkey Drawings

    Friday February 5 & 26 - For GOLD/PLATINUM/RED members only

    8PM - 40 Winners of $250 Easy Play
    9PM - 40 Winners of $500 Easy Play
    10PM - 20 Winners of $1000 Cash and 1 Winner of $10000 Cash

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    Thanks for posting this. I troubles me that I still can't a marketing rep or public relations rep at Pechanga to put us on their mailing list of promotions. The PR manager I used to know at Pechanga left the company about three or four years ago and that left a void.

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    You are welcome. There is not much offered for people who do not play significant amounts. I do think it is a good place for no nonsense gambling.

    The President's Day hot seat, forgot to include that every hour a winner of $100 VISA gift card is awarded.

    Got another gift offer today, Dr. Scholl's Foot Spa given away February 11 or 12. A $40 value.

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