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Thread: Super Bowl 50 or L

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    When I first saw the marketing for this year's Super Bowl game I took immediate notice that they were marketing it as Super Bowl 50 -- fifty years. I remember watching the first Super Bowl with my dad. He pointed out the name "super bowl" but the name didn't mean much to me then.

    Super Bowl 50 does mean something to me -- because the name does not use Roman Numerals.

    I loved Super Bowl XXX -- 30 -- that had a strong, macho look.
    I loved Super Bow XL -- 40 -- because XL is often used for extra large.

    This should have been Super Bowl L -- L is the Roman Numeral for 50. But L is also the symbol for "loser" and there are all sorts of parodies about an L on someone's forehead for being a loser.

    The NFL does not stand for Not For Losers -- so there was no way they would allow this year's big game to be called Super Bowl L.

    I was pleased to find out that next year, the 51st Super Bowl, will return with Roman Numerals. It will be Super Bowl LI.

    Graphic artists could have some fun with the LI as part of a logo. It's almost a U, isn't it? U belong at Super Bowl LI.

    If the NFL marketers want to get "international" the LI can be marketed as the Chinese philosophical order of things with Super Bowl LI being the top of the order. Yes, that would be nifty.

    LI is also a Chinese Mile so Super Bowl LI could be the longest mile.

    LI is also the most common name in the world according to an Internet search. It might be the most common name but only two teams make it to Super Bowl LI.

    I wonder if the NFL has already contacted the web managers in Liechtenstein because the domain for Liechtenstein is Li. That would make or SUPERBOWL.LI quite catchy, don't you think?

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    I thought it was curious that I noticed the site, when you pull up their Super Bowl props, uses the Super Bowl L as their designation of choice.

    It does look a bit different.

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