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Thread: Changes for Diamond and 7 Stars

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    All elements of the resort fee are now comp for Diamond and 7 Star. Meaning free wifi for Diamond. also, only only movie per day. Sorry, Alan.

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    ....Sorry, one movie per day comped for 7 Stars

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    Not an improvement for Seven Stars. In Vegas and Lake Tahoe, Seven Stars had unlimited movies. Rincon gave at least two. I like flipping through the movies until I liked one (maybe even an adult movie). Now ONE per day. Although CET claims it is a improvement -- not for me.


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    This is an attempt at simplification of benefits.

    It was impossible to know what you could expect at the various properties across the country, unless you consulted the list on Sevenstarinsider, which isn't a site run by CET!

    So this is a "compromise" between all the properties, and now it will apparently be uniform.

    And honestly it should have been uniform in the first place, but it sucks that they downgraded the benefits nearly everywhere and THEN made it uniform.

    Good for you if you're only a Diamond, though.
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    Only ONE movie per day? That's very bad. At Bellagio there are NO free movies, however Bellagio did have Cable TV channels that were included at no extra charge so I was able to watch some of my favorite shows including The Walking Dead.

    Someone tell me if Caesars has Cable TV channels? I don't remember even looking for them at Caesars.
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