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Thread: 2016 Seven Stars Benefits are just like 2015 Seven Stars benefits

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    They just released the Seven Stars material on the TR website.

    No idea why they hold this back from us for a month while we are earning toward this year's Seven Stars, but that's what they do.

    Recall that the 2016 benefits officially begin today. This means you should call your host if you want to book your signature event, or call NCL if you want to book your cruise (I will be doing that today).

    Every 2016 benefit is identical to 2015, with the exception that you can now cash in your Seven Stars Annual Trip for $500 in RCs, whereas last year that wasn't an option.

    Signature events are the same sucky events taking place on the same sucky dates. They should really just do away with these tacky things.

    Signature experiences are the same poor-value crap that they give at every 250k tiers earned, worth $500 per experience point at most.

    Oh, and I guess our media credits are no longer as good as they were in 2015, as we now only get 1 movie per day.
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    It wouldn't surprise me if the price of in room movies will be going up. There had to be a reason they put a cap on movies.
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