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Thread: TVSpy has done it again.

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    Once again the TVSpy discussion forum has proven itself to be the forum for garbage talk. This time personal insults are being hurled at a reporter at KCAL/KCBS who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is now reporting on her fight against Cancer.

    The reporter is Sandra Mitchell. I worked with Sandra for many years and she is a good reporter, a good anchor, and most importantly a very fine person. She doesn't deserve to have cancer and she certainly doesn't deserve the insulting comments being posted on that message forum.

    If the personal attacks happened here, they wouldn't be allowed.

    Sandra is writing about her fight on her blog on the CBS-LA website and here is a link to it.

    I wish her the best for a quick victory and speedy and full recovery and I was very happy to read that already she is getting back to work. And I hope that her reporting of a deeply personal issue helps others to catch cancer before it does too much damage so that they also can win their fights.

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    I saw that the moderators took action and removed the offensive post. Good work.

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