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Thread: caesars reduced comp offers

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    hey all,

    ive been diamond at caesars for a few years (and hit 15k tier credits this past december so have it thru this year as well) and have pretty much always been able to get decent offers (decent to me is just a free room on a busy wknd like super bowl or march madness). it looks like this new calendar year, ive been downgraded somehow, even though i was in vegas 6-7 times this past year and gambled my usual amounts. Ie, for super bowl, the offer was $75/nt for a room instead of comped.

    my question:

    1. has anyone else been similarly downgraded, ie is it an across the board move? or did i just somehow get rated lower than usual on my gambling?

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    Vegas had there best year victor wise last year, so things are busier. I wonder if that might affect offers.

    However I've seen better offers this Jan. however I'm a low roller with MLife and am happy with 2 or 3 nights free.

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    Thanks for joining and for posting vegasdegen. I am not surprised to hear that you are not getting the free offers you used to get. I think everyone has seen a downgrade in their offers from a year ago. It's also possible that because of heavy advance bookings that certain key weekends are no longer free. You might still get free offers for other times.

    Let us know about other offers and whether there are other nights available as free nights.

    I know high level Diamonds who no longer get free nights on key weekends.

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    One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming that being Diamond affects your offers.

    It does not. Diamond guarantees you certain benefits, but it does not affect your offers or ability to get comped rooms whatsoever.

    There are gold members with better offers and comp room power than high Diamonds.

    Your comps are determined by two metrics:

    Average Daily Theoretical (ADT): This is your mathematically calculated THEORETICAL losses (not your actual losses or wins) -- basically what you would have lost if your luck was exactly average. This average theoretical loss is then divided by the number of days you were on property, and the result is your ADT. Your ADT determines what they are expecting you to lose on your next stay, and thus is then used to calculate how much they're willing to give you in comps to get you to return.

    Average Market Theoretical (AMT): This is a lesser-known metric, but is arguably more important than ADT. This calculates their bottom-line profit on you per day. This is determined by taking your theoretical losses, subtracting the "wholesale" cost of comps redeemed, and diving by the number of days you have been on property. So let's say your ADT was $300, but you were given a comp room which they valued at $125/day wholesale. This would mean your AMT was $175 ($300 - $125). So this is what's figured in when offering comps to you, because they are trying to determine what they're really expecting to profit off you, rather than how much you're playing. AMT is sometimes also referred to as MDV (market daily value).

    Bottom line is that CET probably determined that your AMT doesn't justify offers as high as you once got. Even if your play is the same, your offers might have changed, because they are generally getting tighter with offers.

    Also, your play in December isn't factored into your current offers yet. It usually takes 2-4 months for that to happen fully.
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    Dan I'm not disagreeing with what you wrote but Diamond players used to get free rooms all the time. Caesars has tightened up.

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    Thanks guys. I do still get some offers like slot tournaments w/free stays etc, but I've definitely been downgraded. I had an offer all last year for free elton john tickets w/ 3 free nights and now that offer is for a "specially priced package".

    I suspect my ADT and AMT did not change significantly, and that rather, as you guys suggest, CET changed their offers for people at my level of play.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Dan I'm not disagreeing with what you wrote but Diamond players used to get free rooms all the time. Caesars has tightened up.
    It wasn't related to them being Diamond. It was related to their play.

    And yes, they tightened up big time.

    Back in the old days (circa 2004), I could get comped rooms at Harrah's for most of the year, despite being a GOLD member who hadn't played in years. This was based on one blackjack session where I lost like $700.
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    Dan let me put it another way: up until a year ago the play needed to make Diamond was sufficient for free rooms.

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    They used to send me mailers with free rooms / bonus play etc but they cut that out awhile back and haven't comped me anything in some time. I have to many casinos near me already to be booking trips to vegas multiple times a year like I used to.

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    My wife is a Diamond, I'm just a gold, but I'm amazed at what happens when I log on as a companion...Comps everywhere, any date, any time.

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    Dunno if this is related or not, but I'm 7 star, so I always get the free rooms, but my cashback offers are WAY down this year compared to last. It could be because I'm winning so far (was losing considerably at this point last year), but the amount of action I'm putting in is roughly the same.

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    Guy do you mean free play or cash back? Cash back is a rebate.

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    Freeplay, the coupons you get in the mail, that you use as slot tickets.

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    Yep. Free play offers started dropping dramatically about a year ago. I'm at 20% of what I used to get.

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