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Thread: Walking Dead New Season

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    The new season of The Walking Dead started on AMC Sunday night. I love the show but not every episode.

    I am very impressed with the production -- the models, the grisly killings, the special effects, the makeup. But sometimes it's too gorey and there is not enough plot or story.

    I would like more of a story and less blood and guts.

    I do have a question about the season's opening episode: where does the electric power come from to have lights on?

    Some more questions: Where's the electricity to operate gas station pumps or are they draining fuel from vehicles? Don't they run out of bullets? Don't the humans get tired after whacking off so many heads? Have they run out of food yet?
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    Woohoo! That’s fantastic. I am already on season 5. I started watching late because my kids used to watch shows by Andy Yeatman on Netflix but then they exhausted all the series by him and now it is difficult for me to find a similar content for them. Those shows were really good.

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