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Thread: combining Total Rewards offers

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    First thanks to Dan for keeping us up to date on the latest from Total Rewards.

    Question for 2016: what about combining offers?

    Can we combine a trip offer with free play or a show or shopping with another Diamond or Seven Stars benefit?
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    Combining two Total Rewards offers is complicated. Here is a general guideline:

    NCL Cruise and any other TR offer: Always

    "Voucher" offer (such as free food, freeplay, etc) which doesn't involve a hotel stay and any other TR offer: Always

    Seven Stars Trip and TR offer which requires hotel stay (in same market): Never

    Seven Stars Trip and TR offer which requires hotel stay, but in different market: Usually, but call second property directly to book that one

    Seven Stars Signature Event and a TR offer which requires hotel stay: Not usually, but sometimes exceptions are made by host

    Back-to-back TR offers which require hotel stay (in same market): Never

    Back-to-back TR offers with hotel stay, with a 2 day or more gap in between the end of one stay and beginning of next: Always

    Simultaneous TR offers with hotel stay (that is, ones which take place at the same time or back-to-back), but are in different markets: Usually. but call local property to book the second one

    Seven Stars Signature Experience and any other offer: Usually, signature experience also involves hotel stay

    Diamond Aspirations $100 Folio Credit and any other TR offer: Never

    Great Gift Wrap Up and any other TR offer: Always, but do NOT book room under Great Gift Wrap Up offer (you can still attend). Note that I am talking about the GGWU itself, NOT the offers where you earn GGWU points.

    Seven Stars Free Room Benefit (up to 5 nights free) and any other TR offer with a hotel room, back-to-back: Usually. However, the overall time stayed can't exceed 5 nights, and you need either a host or 1-800-CAESARS supervisor to book it for you. For example, if you have a $300 freepay offer that comes with 3 nights hotel stay, you CAN tack on 2 extra nights with your Seven Stars benefit but you CANNOT tack on 3 or more extra nights (because that would push the whole thing over 5 nights)

    Seven Stars Dinner Vouchers and any TR Offer: Always

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    And to explain what I mean by "market", I am referring to general areas where TR properties exist.

    Las Vegas is its own market

    Atlantic City is its own market

    Tahoe is combined with Reno, and are in the same market

    Laughlin (despite being just 90 miles from Vega) is in its own market

    Biloxi (despite being from 90 miles from New Orleans) is in the same market as Tunica

    New Orleans is its own market

    Feel free to ask me about any others
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