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Thread: Get free buffet if you earn 50 tier credits at Caesars Las Vegas properties

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    It's not about comps. It's about existing as an entity that has no real rating and has potential. As you yourself said, the Wynn takes chances with people who have given it minimal play of whom they have no accurate gauge. CET's only gauge of me would be the few hours of poker play and a handful of past sports tickets that were reasonably large but that generated almost no comps, either. That, I would think, has more potential than someone they actually know has put 4K or 5K through the machines in a day.

    In the past, I've gotten free room offers from CET on dead days even though I don't play there other than the occasional sizable sports ticket. That's what I'd be shooting for, even if it's odds against accomplishing that.

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    Outstanding deal costing what fast food joints cost these days.

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    A short while ago, Alan was saying something along the lines of posting stuff on the forum that would be helpful to gamblers / related to Las Vegas.

    If this thread isn't a perfect example of that, I don't know what is.

    Most people that go to LV have a gambling budget of something like $300-500. They play low limit stuff like $5-10 table games, $0.50 denom VP, etc.

    IMO, this is a deal that players should be taking advantage of. Play for an hour or so, get the 50 TC's, have some fun gambling, and get a buffet for free(sort of). Plus, they are good buffets. Not something like silver sevens (ex Terribles) or Palace Station.

    It should be mentioned that many off-strip casinos have a similar deal. Play X amount and get a buffet. I don't normally pay attention to that kind of stuff, but off the top of my head, I know the M has a similar deal. I think it's like $750 or $1250 coin in for the buffet....or 1 hour of rated table games play (table games one is only for new signup....the $750 coin in or whatever is available for all members).

    I think Boyd properties have a similar deal, although I don't know off the top of my head, since I don't play much at Boyd properties.

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    The Boyd properties have had tie-ins with coupons from LVA and American Casino Guide where if you earned 250 points, you got a breakfast or lunch buffet, and if you earned 500 points, you got a dinner buffet. On "senior days," which is called Young at Heart on Wednesdays, Boyd gives you a BOGO buffet if you run 10 points through, a breakfast or lunch buffet for 50 points through, and a dinner buffet for 100 points through. If you're 50+, that's a pretty good deal.

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    Do table games like craps earn tier credits?

    If so, anyone know how many credits $5 pass/ $10 odds and $6 on 6 and 8 would earn per hour?

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    Originally Posted by RoeIncarnate View Post
    Do table games like craps earn tier credits?

    If so, anyone know how many credits $5 pass/ $10 odds and $6 on 6 and 8 would earn per hour?
    Hi Roe: CET does give Reward/Tier credits for table games, but its system is notoriously stingy.

    Here is a blurb from my report last year at Harvey's Tahoe:

    I then tried some craps at Harvey’s but slowly lose. Another reason I like playing craps at Harveys is to see how much tier credits I can earn at the tables. CET casinos are notorious for giving very few comp credits to table players. That is why I usually hit the machines hard even though I enjoy a good craps game. Sometimes it is hard to determine how much reward credits one gets from table play as it is added on at a periodic basis. However, although Harvey’s and Harrah’s Lake Tahoe are twin properties owned by the same company, they keep the reward credit daily accumulations separately. I found that when I played craps three sessions all with essentially the same betting of a pass line with max odds and place bets of $30 on the six and eight, with pressing after I get my initial bets back. I also placed occasional bets for the dealers and each session was about one hour. These three sessions scored me 121 Tier credits, 88 Tier credits and 380 Tier Credits. Why the heavy discrepancy between the last and the first two? My theory is that the box man in the last session and I had a long discussion about our mutual bets on Wisconsin to beat Kentucky in the final four. I then left for dinner at the fantastic Sage Room at Harvey’s near the casino tables while that game was going on. I used my $100 free food coupon for that meal. When I came back I stuck my card in a machine and saw that I had not had any additional points added to my Harvey’s Tier Credit account. I then approached the box man who remembered me and celebrated our winning bet on Wisconsin. Later that night stuck my card in a Harvey’s machine and found I earned the 380 RC’s. So either the box man forgot to log me out when I went to dinner or he “conveniently forgot” since he had taken a liking to me. Either way I am not complaining.


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    Someone mentioned in Vegasmessage board that this buffet promo expires tomorrow (prematurely). The link to the buffet promo that Dan had in the beginning of this thread no longer links to a Total Rewards page regarding the promo or the terms and conditions (a PDF of the small print conditions). So this promo may be RIP now or tomorrow rather than end of March.


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    Confirmed donkdown, I believe you can still earn it on friday but it would have to be used within 48hrs after that.

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    Really awful that they killed this 27 days early.

    It's a freaking buffet... not costing them much. At least honor the damn dates they said the offer would exist. It's not like they're ending it a year early. This is 27 days difference. Why are they being so petty?

    I imagine that this became a big burden for Total Rewards desks to deal with, and they probably noticed that locals were taking advantage of it, while tourists didn't know about it.

    Typical Caesars fail.
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    I have been told that the buffet offer still exists "secretly" for locals until 3/31.

    If you have a Nevada ID, you can go to the TR desk and they will honor it.

    If you are from outside of Nevada, it ended today.

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