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Thread: Lightning strikes at Ballys ac

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    Hello hello, first I want to say congrats to Dan for owning this site. I was in ac this weekend and lost from the get go. I was down by 3400 on Sunday playing every game under the roof. Then on Sunday evening Lady Luck smiled big time. I bought in 100$ at bj... Bet it all on one hand, won it, bet the entire 200 and got blackjack. I wagered 500 table max and guess what blackjack again. Wohoo 1250 by the 3rd hand, bet table max again 500.... Won it again. Now 1750 up, while waiting for the pit boss to approve 5 black chips, fear of losing came back into me. This time I wagered 100 and got 8 and 3 against dealer 5. Was cursing myself for dropping my bet. Doubled down and caught a ace and dealer made 19. Woooh thank god I didn't bet max. Cashed out 1550 and went to video poker, caught 4 aces without kicker on TDB $1 machine and few Hands after that it dealt me 3s with a king, took my time and hit the deal button, got queen (curses). Up 1100. Ending result down by 900 or so. Dug myself out of a big hole. Morale of the story, when u r down big time, it's time to throw caution to the wind and go for the big win...

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    Always feels nice to come back. Last night, despite playing in 2 excellent online poker games, I was struggling for most of the time, down over 3000 at some points. Finally got hot at the end and finished about 900 up. Given how great the games were, I should have done better, but I'll take it, given my lousy luck most of the session.

    Good job on the comeback, and thanks for posting on this new section of the forum.
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