I was laid up with my first go round with sciatica, and managed to catch up with one show I once watched religiously (Blacklist), one I occasionally watched (Gotham), and one that's new (Supergirl).

Well, Supergirl is entirely too juvenile and chipper for me, and the people are too pretty. It's trying to give off a Buffy feminist vibe with a bigger budget, but it's just too sweet for me.

If James Spader wasn't on Blacklist, I wouldn't watch a minute, but he captivates me.

Gotham is much rougher in terms of violence and emotion than I would have anticipated, but it works. I'll have to keep up a bit better. I'm a comic book guy, and I have no issues with the reworked origins of Penguin or Catwoman or Riddler. I buy the TV show characters becoming the iconic characters in the comics.

The production values of all three shows are impressive.