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Thread: Question: Does this Triple Double Bonus VP machine still exist at Harrah's Altantic City?

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    9/7/4 Triple Double Bonus (99.58%), $0.25/$0.50/$1.00/$2.00/$5.00/credit

    You earned one tier credit per $10 wagered -- the last of its kind in Atlantic City at 99%+ return.

    This was verified as of 12/2014, but that's 15 months ago.

    It is/was near the emergency exit in the high limit area.

    Can anyone give us info on this machine? There's only one of them.
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    I have been given information that these machines are still there, and there are four of them.

    It's a weird "double pay" machine -- where your pay on the deal is different than your pay on the draw.

    Paytable shown below, for 5 coins.

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    Estimated payout is about 99.2% overall.

    It is still $10/tier credit.
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    Double pay is double coins too, and it appears to distribute coins evenly, (meaning you can't just play one and not the other). page on it:

    Edited to add; I also seem to recall you running into this game in the past, but I could be mistaken

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    the game is called draw/ deal.. you get paid on the hands dealt, then you hold the cards you want on the 1st line (for all lines) then complete the game on the deal... for 10 lines you are betting 100 coins..
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