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Thread: March Madness Futures

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    As is usual, I have an array of teams at various odds that will be in the NCAA tournament. A few may not make the field. When the brackets are announced, I will list which teams I have at what odds, and who didn't make it.

    As a public exercise, I'll then post what kind of hedging I do as the tournament progresses. I do not think any team I take will actually win the tournament, so any profits will be made via hedging along the way. I doubt any of my teams will be a #1 or #2 seed.

    I have been doing this for 15 years, and have made money 12 of those years. It is, however, often stressful and requires fine judgement regarding who to let play and who to hedge when.

    This will be the only time I have made these selections public.

    If any of you have made futures bets on the NCAA tournament and wish to share them, please post them here before the tournament begins. Thanks.
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    Only future bets I make every year is on the Masters. Looking forward to see how you progress.

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    A future bet on the Masters is done because I enjoy it & play it (not well)

    I don't like basketball or football at all, I do enjoy baseball and the NHL.

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    Colorado won today, and USC is winning versus UCLA. If USC wins, they should be in. Colorado is probably also in with their win today.

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    George Washington bit the dust today, blowing a 15-point halftime lead versus St. Joe's. My first casualty of the futures wars; I had GW at 500-1. That was not particularly good, considering one Las Vegas book had them at 2000-1 prior to the conference tournament. So I took my first hit today. I didn't really want to partly hedge it with a halftime wager, as GW wasn't a shoo-in even with a win today.

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    Syracuse??? Really???

    No Valparaiso, no Monmouth, no St. Mary's, ranked 25th in polls or thereabouts. I had to chuckle. This was the first time I benefited from the committee's shenanigans. Of course, they jammed Michigan, UConn, and USC in there.
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