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Thread: Folio Credit Locations in Las Vegas Provided by Front Desk

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    Dear All:

    When I checked into Planet Hollywood two weekends ago, I came on a free play offer and my CET host arranged to add a $100 Folio credit which I was entitled to by virtue of making the 40,000 Tier Credits level in 2015 (Aspirations Level 1). I was able to subsequently use the free play as well as $100 Folio.

    The Diamond Check-in desk handed me a list of places in Vegas I was told I could use the $100 Folio credit. The document is entitled "Listed CET Outlets are valid for earning Reward's Credits and for use with Citywide Resort Credit Folios." I could not fit all the entries easily in one photo so I am attaching two.

    To my surprise the Planet Hollywood coffee shop Planet Dailies, is not one of the listed places. The front desk clerk confirmed that many guests are surprised that the place is not eligible, but that is the way they treat it.

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    They need to update that list. "Ah So" (which is a horrible, borderline racist name of a Chinese place) and other fast food joints at Caesars are gone, and have been replaced by brand name outlets.

    But anyway, thanks for posting it.

    The rule of thumb is that you can only use food vouchers or folio credits if the restaurant is 50% or more owned by Caesars.
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    An interesting tidbit is that spa charges seem to be included in the folio acceptable expenses - not just food

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    I was told that all of the new fast food places in the Caesars food court (Smashburger, Earl of Sandwich, etc) are accepted for folio credit charges. According to the Smashburger manager, "All of these outlets are Caesars owned."

    This goes against what some front desk employee told me, but this manager seemed pretty sure of himself and knowledgeable, so I think he's right.

    The folio credit I had definitely worked at Smashburger itself.
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    I've always been able to use folio credit ($100 Aspirations, an offer, or host-added) beyond food -- spa, gift shop, shows. I always get my host to confirm in writing, just in case.

    I usually end up picking up a couple casino sweatshirts from the gift shop to round out the full amount of the folio.

    I've sometimes noticed charges to the room never end up making it onto my folio, and my points are untouched. When I happen to see this (via the TV or a printout of my folio), I'll charge a bit more to the room. Last time I charged a haircut to the room and it never appeared when I checked out.

    Wonder what goes on there; you'd think of everything, CET would be set up to get their money correctly... especially in-house!

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    Hi Maxev:

    I believe my room charges were automatically deducted from my folio as I did not see them even listed on the TV menu items in my room. But I am glad it worked out for you.

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    Here is the new and current list as of November 16, 2016:
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    There are different offers that mention "folio credit" and these offers can be substantially different. It's a good idea to confirm what specific charges will be covered by each folio credit offer. For example sometimes gift shops are covered and sometimes not.

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