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Thread: 7 Star Renewal Gift

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    Now that CET has announced the dates at the different properties does anyone have any idea what the gift is going to be this year? We did not go last year because the gift was a cheap knockoff electronic gadget that we did not need that was worth maybe $50. Hoping this years gift will better.

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    If there is a gift at the Seven Stars Events I wouldn't call it a Seven Stars Renewal Gift. That Seven Stars Annual Gift perk was discontinued.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    If there is a gift at the Seven Stars Events I wouldn't call it a Seven Stars Renewal Gift. That Seven Stars Annual Gift perk was discontinued.
    Alan, they still have a renewal gift but you have to go to your home property to pick it up. They no longer mail it to you and you no longer can choose from a number of gifts. Not to get confused with 7 star event. Most of the CET properties have the renewal event some time in either April or May. For some reason all of their Vegas properties have their renewal event date listed as Aug 25th as per

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    And that "gift" you pick up is a cheap alternative to the previously cheap Seven Stars gift. No thanks.

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    We are hoping that this year they will offer something valuable that we can use. Until last year we always got a piece of Samsonite luggage. It would have cost us over $200 on sale at Sam's Club or Dillard's. It the gift this year ends up being a cheap electronic gadget again like last year we will not be going either.

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    this is what I'm getting at Harrahs Philly this weekend... retail value around $200
    To celebrate your loyalty, we would like to offer you a complimentary Dell Inspiron 14 3000 Non-Touch Laptop during an event befitting your Seven Stars status all while you enjoy dinner, drinks and dancing at our Hollywood-themed Seven Stars event.
    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    The Dell laptop also at Rincon. No dinner. Neil Diamond tix for Sat night and set of dinnerware.
    Laptop pick up Sunday.

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    I saw Neil Diamond 48 years ago. He's still alive?

    If anyone really wants a new laptop, one you can buy for $200 on Amazon really wouldn't cut it. And who doesn't already have "dinnerware"?

    Hint: those "free" suitcases aren't being given out for 7-Stars players to fill up with cash won from the machines to take home.

    Smart players would skip this nonsense.
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    Oops. I meant Neil Diamond "tribute" band.
    And I agree on the dinnerware. Only good for garage sale fodder.
    Laptop would be good if you just want to check emails, do some light surfing, etc.

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    Gosh I was getting all excited about Neil Diamond... then you busted my bubble telling me it was a tribute band. I saw Neil Diamond about a year ago on late night TV and he was in Vegas a few months ago when I was in town but I was arriving too late to get to the casino where he was playing. Still my favorite of favorites.

    There is nothing wrong with picking up a gift if you already have plans to go. I just wouldn't make special plans to go just for the gift. Combining free play with a gift pick-up and some event is always a bonus.

    A year or so ago Rincon gave out watches for some event. I sold mine at a pawn shop for $30.

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    Thank you Chimp and JustaDiamond. Our renewal event isn't until May 6th and we have not received anything from CET yet. We don't really need another laptop but it is a step up from the offbrand electronic gadget whatever they offered last year. At least we can get on ebay and sell them for a couple of hundred a piece.

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    April 2 Harrah’s Philadelphia
    April 2 Harrah’s Joliet
    April 8-9 Atlantic City
    April 8 Horseshoe Hammond
    April 9 Horseshoe Cincinnati
    April 9 Horseshoe Cleveland
    April 9 Horseshoe Southern Indiana
    April 16 Harrah’s Southern California
    April 17 Caesars Windsor
    April 22 Horseshoe Baltimore
    April 23 Council Bluffs
    April 24 Harrah’s North Kansas City
    April 29 Tunica
    April 30 Harrah’s Ak-Chin
    April 30 Harrah’s Metropolis
    May 6 Horseshoe Bossier City
    May 14 Harrah’s Gulf Coast
    May 14 Harrah’s Laughlin
    May 20 Harrah’s New Orleans
    May 20 Lake Tahoe
    May 21 Harrah’s Reno
    August 25 Las Vegas

    I haven't been invited to mine in Las Vegas, but I may not qualify, since I didn't "renew" Seven Stars. I lapsed for 2 days in the process of re-earning it.
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    Once again, the annual Seven Stars renewal event giveaways – this year, a Dell laptop – are causing headaches and generating ill will.

    Some players who were unable to attend the event to which they were invited were told they had up to 30 days to pick up their laptops from the Total Rewards Center. Others were told that if they didn’t attend the renewal event, they could not get the laptop at all.

    In the Philadelphia/Atlantic City market, players who couldn’t attend the event to which they were invited were allowed to attend the alternate’s event, i.e., someone invited to the AC event could attend the Philadelphia event and vice versa.

    Still other special arrangements were made for some players who requested an exception.

    While Total Rewards’ “spin” on this computer (and last year’s Galaxy tablet) is that these are not replacing what was formerly the annual Seven Stars gift, essentially they are. Though many of the gifts offered prior to 2015 were a bit lame, at least you had 12 months to order what you wanted, then have it delivered directly to your home or office.

    Customers rightly feel they’ve earned this computer – even though it’s an out-of-stock model that Caesars probably picked up for a fraction of the original retail price.

    If exceptions are being made for some customers, then the policy should be consistent for all who request one.

    Anyone heard about the Las Vegas "renewal" event yet?
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    I don't recall getting any info yet on the Vegas event -- no snail mail or email. I doubt I would go.

    Interesting about claiming the gift other ways. I would pick up the gift if available on another trip.

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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post

    Anyone heard about the Las Vegas "renewal" event yet?
    I like the idea about being able to pick up the laptop within 30 days. We would not be going just to pick up the laptop but there are enough other benefits next weekend for us to make a trip to our home property, Bossier City, La. We still have our normal generous free play, plus there is a promotion giving away Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards, and they are taking us all over to their sister property Harrah's Louisiana Downs for a Kentucky Derby viewing party in our own private suite. And we still get a generous food and beverage credit to our room so we don't have to use any of our rc's and we can save them to cash in for additional free play. Word on the street is that with the new CEO that they are moving towards making all of their properties more like Vegas where you will have to use all of your rc's before they will comp meals. It will be a sad day when that happens but nobody else has a reward program that even comes close to what CET offers.

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    FYI - the laptop is a complete POS. For (around) that price point they could have gotten a Chromebook, which would have been miles better. I even upgraded the RAM to the max allowed, and it's still pretty near unusable. (full disclosure - I am an IT professional, so my standards may be higher than many)

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