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    Every Thursday, here in ac, I get RC multipliers. I get anywhere from 3 to 50 multiplier. My question is, do u earn RC on the daily Tier bonus (make 5000 get 10000 bonus) and if yes, does it also mulitply.

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    I am in the same CET market as you. The answer is: absolutely not. Only the Reward Credits based on the Countdown multiplies.

    One minor note: the Reward Credit multiplier is in addition to the base Reward Credits you earn. The effective multiplier is 4 times to 51 times.

    (e.g. You get the 5X multiplier, and you earn 2,501 Reward Credits and 2,501 Tier Credits on Thursday. The next day, you get the 5,000 bonus Tier Credits. In another week or so, Total Rewards drops another 12,505 Reward Credits in your account for a total of 15,006.)
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