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Thread: Big Wins and Jackpots.. east coast style

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    Harrahs Philadelphia - yesterday was a good day : )
    my 1st dealt royal(s)

    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    Nice hit JAD.

    (Return on this Super DDB game is ~96%, for anyone curious).


    Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

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    payback was a little higher for me.. that was my 4th hand on that machine : )
    yours was a nice hit for that game
    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    Nice hits guys!

    Nerakil, I love playing double pay.

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    JustADiamond welcome to the got a dealt royal club!

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    thanks alan, its a club I'd like to be in a lot more often.. lol
    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    another good night at Harrahs Philly.. I was starting to sweat that I wasn't going to get any kickers but they came through in the end : )

    JustaDiamind is now justa-seven-star..

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    Very pretty!

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