It disturbed me to do so, but my final hedge was North Carolina ML (-480) to win 2.5 units. That got my Syracuse mess back.

The final result was a significant, but not horrendous, loss. I will tally it up and report next week as to the final damages. Looking back, I would take the same teams at the same numbers again, but possibly employ some kind of failsafe parlay early in the process. Things happen quickly while the tournament is in progress, however, so that would have required a certain nimbleness under time constraints. Nimbleness under time constraints is not something I do often or necessarily well. I prefer plotting, planning, shopping, and hedging in the break times. What I prefer obviously is not what I should always employ.

Anyway, I will render a final report next week. This was my fourth loss in 16 seasons doing this. I had one similar loss and one considerably worse loss during this time.